The Human Planet

Human Planet is a little like Planet Earth, but with humans and without David Attenborough. The lack of David Attenborough is nearly unforgivable, but after seeing the trailer for the 8-part BBC series, I decided to set my disappointment aside and give the show a chance.

The series explores the many different ways humans have found to . . . → Read More: The Human Planet

Madeherthink Jewelry

Victorian biker-chic: Masculine with a tinge of Grunge.
This may not sound like the way to describe one’s style but that’s how NY Jewelry designer Meredith Kahn describes the peculiarity of her wardrobe and self-presentation. I’d like to point out that one should NOT confuse this with girly punk-rock (like pink skirts with heavy black eye makeup and . . . → Read More: Madeherthink Jewelry

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

There is something magical about snow on this level, the powdery soft kind.  The kind that transforms city blocks into winter wonderlands of play and fun.  Suddenly gray granite becomes soft contours of white, and you never know how far down your foot is going to go.

It also inspires some great artwork.  Below is the Ebert-approved . . . → Read More: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


State of the Union, and with it, everyone shows their true political colors.  Pessimists, or optimists, or apathists.  (Yeah I made that word up, but if you just don’t care about anything, you won’t care if I add an ist to a word that doesn’t have it…right?)

I just walked away with the feeling that it doesn’t . . . → Read More: SOTU vs. STFU

Phenomenon Soundtrack – Gold Guns Girls

As we rush off to print – and a million new plans, partnerships and schemes are hatched every minute – the chorus line “is it ever gonna be enough,” keeps running through . . . → Read More: Phenomenon Soundtrack – Gold Guns Girls

“How the World Looked Millions of Years Ago”

National Geographic is currently featuring an incredible series of photographs from the world’s largest cave – the Hang Son Doong (“Mountain River Cave”) in a remote area of central Vietnam.

From the article:

“The passage is perhaps 300 feet wide, the ceiling nearly 800 feet tall: room enough for an entire New York City block of 40-story buildings. . . . → Read More: “How the World Looked Millions of Years Ago”

Bibhu Mohapatra

The ladies of NY can never fall too short of an array of cocktail dresses to choose from. Thankfully, we fashionistas have been blessed with another FIT graduate (year 2009) whose designs have taken force in the fashion world with Bergdorfs about to pick up his Spring 2011 collection, I’d say he accomplished quite a bit . . . → Read More: Bibhu Mohapatra

Golden Globes Proved It – Long Live The Storyteller

“Post-Golden-Globes of 2011, a lot of people are asking themselves is celebrity dead? ”

This is not the end of the Golden Age of Hollywood. That happened aeons ago. This is the end of the thing that came next. Filling the void is a new community of entertainers, content developers, comedians, writers, documentarians, filmmakers . . . → Read More: Golden Globes Proved It – Long Live The Storyteller

Foreign Lands: Szentendre, Hungary

Szentendre, an old Serbian refugee town cum artist’s haunt cum tourist destination, is just a few hours by train outside of Budapest. Or one may opt, as I did, to laze along the Danube in a boat with tipsy Germans and old Hungarians playing bridge.

I recommend skipping the slew of tourist shops, and heading straight for . . . → Read More: Foreign Lands: Szentendre, Hungary

Political rhetoric: Has it grown more venomous?

Has our political rhetoric taken a dangerous turn?

In the wake of the attempted assassination of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords – along with the death of six including 9-year-old Christina Taylor and U.S. District Judge John Roll– many politicians and the media are asking that very question. Although it was one mentally ill man who was responsible . . . → Read More: Political rhetoric: Has it grown more venomous?