The Hunger Games

OMG, if you haven’t read this young adult novel yet, just you wait. Your mind will be blown.

Imagine equal bits Battle Royale, reality television and fake Americana culture, and V for Vendetta hair-raising revolution-hungry dystopia. Now imagine that it’s a book, wait no, also a movie (for young adults, mind you). Now you’re . . . → Read More: The Hunger Games

American Subversive Soiree

The monied streets of New York’s Meatpacking District provided the perfect backdrop for David Goodwillie’s book party. Goodwillie’s debut novel American Subversive (Scribner, April 2010) is a brilliant literary thriller and romance between Aidan Cole, a failed journalist turned gossip blogger and Paige Roderick, a radical who blows up Barney’s high end department store.

After a . . . → Read More: American Subversive Soiree