Live Tweeting from Clarins

So I was live-tweeting (as opposed to dead-tweeting I guess?) from an event where journalistic ladies such as myself were brought to Clarins official NY headquarters for some sangria and a demonstration of how we all wash our faces wrong…I tweeted something like “don’t tug – it causes wrinkles,” and it was pretty uh confusing for . . . → Read More: Live Tweeting from Clarins

Totally Killer

TOTALLY KILLER is what it would look like if you put Fight Club, The Firm, and American Psycho in the blender. With flannel. And teased hair. And . . . → Read More: Totally Killer


Growing up the son of two Jewish shrinks, I lived in a world where dreams took on otherworldly importance. My earliest recurring nightmares were of visiting a distant relative who turned out to be a Vampire, stalking five year-old me even in my waking hours on New York’s Lower East Side.

Now that Carl . . . → Read More: Dreamscape

Ring On It – On 3

Some mornings it is really hard to motivate. You find out the window is open and your room is freezing. Your blanket is in layers and swaths around you while the light remains a pale gray cast that trickles underneath your eyelids somehow. And you think, but I just want to stay in . . . → Read More: Ring On It – On 3


Pomp recently partied at Picante Thursdays, taking back the Lower East Side. For a native New Yorker growing up in the hood during the ’90s before its multi million dollar facelift I rarely return to these congested streets. But now, Sin Sin hosts a night of Latin flavor that lures old school locals and . . . → Read More: Picante


. . . → Read More: Throwback

Bizz Buzz

Fans lined up in front of the Canal Room in Tribeca to hear Frankie Negron’s fresh new sound. If you are not familiar with the heartthrob (who was discovered by Paul Simon in the early ‘90s) perhaps it’s because you’re not a fan of salsa-not the dip, but the sultry Latin genre. Whether you dance it . . . → Read More: Bizz Buzz

Pomp Off

I feel like a zombie today so here . . . → Read More: Pomp Off

Twits : Dramatic Readings

Just watch it. Nothing I could say could make this any better than it . . . → Read More: Twits : Dramatic Readings


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