White House Correspondence Dinner Fashion

The White House and it’s annual Nerd Prom, as DC Insiders dub it had more than it’s fair share of Hollywood this year. Adding to that statement, I’ve got to say that it also had it’s share of celebrities that begs the question “Why on Earth was she/he invited?” For example, LINDSAY LOHAN. Allright Greta Van . . . → Read More: White House Correspondence Dinner Fashion

Naeem Khan Pre-Fall 2012

Naeem Khans Pre-Fall 2012 is yet another gorgeous collection, much like his other previous designs there will be red carpet friendly gowns fit for a goddess with the exception of a few cocktail dresses that have a more played down tone to them which is more welcome this season because we all know, too much extravagance . . . → Read More: Naeem Khan Pre-Fall 2012

Naeem Khan Resort 2012

Oh dear, Naeem Khan Ji has done it again. His absolutely fabulous Resort 2012 collection sums up in one word. Stunning. From the “Cinco De Mayo” designs featuring an embroidered peasant blouse paired with a high waisted flared taffeta skirt which is the perfect figure flattering combo(!!) to a siren red georgette caftan (so elizabeth taylor), . . . → Read More: Naeem Khan Resort 2012

Ranjana Khan 2011-2012

Here are the latest, most wonderfully bold and beautiful statement designs from the ever fabulous Ranjana Khan, wife to designer Naeem Khan. Surely, this duo is the next power couple in the fashion industry and Ranjana is ready to take over the world, adorning one wrist at a time, with her gorgeous cuffs with glass and . . . → Read More: Ranjana Khan 2011-2012

Naeem Khan Spring 2012

Michelle Obama’s recent favorite designer certainly ended New York’s Fashion week with a fabulous grand finale. His Spring 2012 collection that is just oozing with old school glamour and modern upper east side (pricey) elegance. 

I tell you, this man knows just what women want. He knows the balance between fashion and fantasy when women dream of . . . → Read More: Naeem Khan Spring 2012

Naeem Khan Fall 2011

Here’s to daydreaming of some fabulous high end fashion À la Naeem Khan.

How is it that I am in love with literally, every single piece of this genius’s Ready to Wear Fall 2011 collection? Shouldn’t there be two or three designs that are mediocre? Not with my favorite NY based desi designer. I am head over heels . . . → Read More: Naeem Khan Fall 2011

Ranjana Khan

This incredible woman once quoted “What I wear on New Years Eve, is what I’ll wear to work!”


…And in my opinion, that is another way of saying life is too short, look your best everyday! Ranjana Khan is a high end costume jewelry designer  who features breathtaking, one of a kind pieces often mixed with her . . . → Read More: Ranjana Khan

Fashion Debut: Diamond in the Rough

Bonjour, you curious thing you… What’s this, a fashion post on Pomp & Circumstance? You don’t know how you feel about this? I am Precilla, a student studying Fashion Design and am a chameleon in the fashion world and I say you will love it, if not appreciate it or find it the least bit interesting . . . → Read More: Fashion Debut: Diamond in the Rough