ADAM by Adam Lippes

Happy Hump day everyone! Warm(er) weather is just around the corner,so nothing to fret about pompers, Ive got your warmer weather wardrobe covered with this fabulous line.

When I came across this site, I saw that this is the perfect contemporary American line.  With reasonable prices and for amazing designs for the womens Spring 2011 collection, I can see . . . → Read More: ADAM by Adam Lippes

NO for an Answer: New Orleans Debuts First Fashion Week – Part I

Amanda de Leon

Last week marked the first annual (seasonal?) NOLA Fashion Week, founded by New Orleans natives Nick Landry, Andi Eaton and Rachael LaRoche. Together they, along with their trusty team of interns, volunteers and sponsors, launched something new, necessary and seemingly inevitable. Says Landry, “Too many things have fallen into place.” In other words, in a sense, . . . → Read More: NO for an Answer: New Orleans Debuts First Fashion Week – Part I

NO for an Answer: New Orleans Debuts First Fashion Week – Part II

Varela + Brooks

Several designers involved in NOLA FW openly admit to initial uncertainty. Bensen, whose label is not even a year-old, says, “We were extremely skeptical of doing a fashion week in New Orleans. Trying to be L.A. or New York is not really something that we were wanting to be a part of.” She caveats this with, . . . → Read More: NO for an Answer: New Orleans Debuts First Fashion Week – Part II

Rebecca Black – LOL’ing away

So first, I saw the original Rebecca Black video, and already couldn’t stop LOL’ing.

Then, I saw the video below, and had a LOL explosion! Enjoy. Tomorrow is Friday . . . → Read More: Rebecca Black – LOL’ing away

Elizabeth Taylor

The world feels less beautiful and fabulous without Elizabeth Taylor today.

I’m sure many of you have read countless articles and have seen specials about Taylor on TV already, so I intend to share timeless photos that captured her eternal glamorous style and still leaves us in awe of her beauty. She was truly the most beautiful raven-haired belle of . . . → Read More: Elizabeth Taylor

Educated, Unemployed and Learning from Egypt

The New York Times recently ran an article titled, Educated, Unemployed and Frustrated. In it, a research assistant with a masters degree, describes the growing levels of highly educated, unemployed youth. and how the numbers don’t reflect the reality because a lot of these people are employed to some degree, just not in a . . . → Read More: Educated, Unemployed and Learning from Egypt

Billie Holiday

Nothing like Billie Holiday to chase the blues away during 40 degree, cold rainy NY weather! 

Her music set the tone for all jazz lovers since the 1940′s, her beautiful and one of a kind voice still gets to me every time. So my dear pompers, I hope you make a quick playlist with your favorite oldies especially with . . . → Read More: Billie Holiday

Vandaveer Perk Up…A little

On Vandaveer’s forthcoming third LP, Mark Heidenberg continues down the same dusty road he set out on his band’s first two efforts, albeit with a bit more optimism.

Dig Down Deep finds Heidenberg and bandmate, Rose Guerin, still exploring the themes of rootsy Americana—bars, heartbreak, and, you know, the road—but with playful arrangements and even a few . . . → Read More: Vandaveer Perk Up…A little

Ruben Toledo

Happy hump wednesday pompers!! I hope your all getting through your tough work week, because you’ll be enjoying the warmer NY weather in no time!

Now Id like to share my love for this fashion illustrator with you because he is truly a gem. His unusual girls with attitude and bigger heads with fluid lined bodies have insprired us . . . → Read More: Ruben Toledo

Pomp Phenomenon Soundtrack – Friday XII

. . . → Read More: Pomp Phenomenon Soundtrack – Friday XII