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Bring It Back!

Pizza Parties were the place I danced to LaBouche (I wanna get into motion a better devotion), kissed my first girl, puffed my first joint, chugged my first Smirnoff Iced and then mimicked my Spanish teacher having an orgasm on a crowded Subway car, red sauce staining the sides of my mouth. Pizza Parties in . . . → Read More: Bring It Back!

Pretty Song Fridays

I love Pandora. It makes me feel relevant again, as a modern-day music-lover who doesn’t understand how to keep adrift when there is a new band popping up every second; and even more confused by the fact that the new band will have ten atrocious songs and one beautiful little gem tucked in the album waiting . . . → Read More: Pretty Song Fridays

Crowd of Drifters

“Sometimes the sun is too bright And it burns you like acidYou get to love driving at night The moon is so close you can kiss itI used to remember you smiling and wavingI don’t think I can anymore “Magnetic Fields, Crowd of Drifters

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Just let go of it

I am not sure why, or maybe I am, but this sand artist guy has completely captured my attention, and imagination. Understandably, the scope of his work is almost overwhelming. The sheer size of his canvas, and the design, and the sand and the water rushing in and wiping it all away. I . . . → Read More: Just let go of it

Can’t Hardly Wait

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Word for Word Poetry presents a Norton Night of Poetry with readings by April Bernard, Julie Sheehan and Charlie Smith at the Bryant Park Reading Room, July 28, 2009 at 7:30pm.

Three award winning poets from W.W. Norton will present readings from their most recent publications.

The Bryant Park Reading Room is located at 6th Avenue @ 42nd . . . → Read More: Spotlight

Can’t Read My

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The Bizz

This Saturday brought a special blessing of summer sun; a total God send given last month’s accumulation of rain. Although the humidity would make Bikram Yoga a cool down, it didn’t discourage a weekend of debauchery in the Hamptons.

Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets Field, where athletes compete from all over the world and . . . → Read More: The Bizz


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