Money as a motivator? Not so much.

From the TED talks, (Technology, Entertainment, & Design for those who aren’t fans yet), Dan Pink talks about money & motivation, illuminating a new path for solving problems of the 21st century – problems that require serious thought and creativity to solve. He tells us something most P&C kids already know: the promise of financial reward . . . → Read More: Money as a motivator? Not so much.

Urine Nordstrom!

A urinal in a Natick, MA Nordstrom store: perfectly clean and white. Except… what’s that? A tiny black dot above the drain?

Closer examination reveals this odd little dot is actually a tiny cartoon bumble bee.

My first thought: OMG! Let’s pee on it! Which, apparently, is exactly what is intended. The urinals in Amsterdam airport have . . . → Read More: Urine Nordstrom!

Say What?

“She got an ass that could swallow up a G-stringn up top yeah two bee stingsand I’m beastinoff the Riesling”

Wondering if Kanye is aware he bascially just described himself as a rapper drinking fizzy fruity German white wine attracted to a woman with a massive ass and no tits? . . . → Read More: Say What?

Pomp Off

“Everybody makes mistakes but I feel alright when I come undone.”

In case you care here is the official video that has . . . → Read More: Pomp Off


This bitch is . . . → Read More: Throwback

The Bizz

Woodstock met the Hamptons this past weekend at Sir Ivan Wilzig’s Castle in Watermill, New York.

As soon I arrived on the estate and walked through the iron-gate leading to the castle, the picturesque event began. To the right of the entrance, we were greeted with a grand four-story projection screen of Sir Ivan’s performance. . . . → Read More: The Bizz


. . . → Read More: Throwback

European Fashion

Okay, so during my stay in London and my short jaunt to Madrid, I’ve noticed two ridiculous trends. I have to say, there is one I like, I’ll make it more clear as I go along.The mullet, I’ve heard about it still being big in Europe, I’ve even heard that there are some places where . . . → Read More: European Fashion

Lost & Found

. . . → Read More: Lost & Found

World of Wonders

When it’s about 100 degrees in your apartment, the best thing to do is daydream about winter ice palaces, like this one at the top of Jungfrau Mountain . . . → Read More: World of Wonders