Florida schools to air Obama’s speech?

Photo from studentloaninfo.org.

President Barack Obama has scheduled his second back-to-school address to students nationwide on September 14, but the question is whether schools in more conservative states or regions will air it?

This is Obama’s second address to students. Although a seemingly innocuous pep talk delivered last year from a school in Arlington, Virginia, to remind . . . → Read More: Florida schools to air Obama’s speech?

Foreign Lands: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is possibly the most popular tourist destination in Croatia, and with obvious reason. Despite being surrounded by more Americans than I had been in an entire year of living in Europe (Prague being the close second), the charm and beauty of Dubrovnik wasn’t dampened a bit. The essence of an old world Mediterranean port city . . . → Read More: Foreign Lands: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Poster Boy – party for the people

I don’t know how much Pomp trivia you are familiar with dear readers, but Pomp and Poster Boy just go together – like coffee and donuts or Palin-detractors and smart people.  Our 5th issue features his face, cut-and-paste style on the cover, and a fun article where one of our writers followed him around on a . . . → Read More: Poster Boy – party for the people

Blonde Redhead’s first track from “Penny Sparkle”

“Penny Sparkle” comes out September 14th on 4AD.
An air of 80′s nostalgia. Misery is still a butterfly, this time it seems to have flown to the decade of beta. Sadly the novelty of an elfin, diminutive singer is long gone thanks to the myriad of facsimiles Kazu Makino has spawned. Hard to judge the quality of . . . → Read More: Blonde Redhead’s first track from “Penny Sparkle”

Ground Zero Mosque Debate,

I just watched Milk yesterday for the first time.  And yes, that was a damn good movie, but damn disturbing too.  I didn’t realize how ridiculously hard it had been for gay people to get those first civil rights, how incredible that fight was.

This is because, I am an immigrant, daughter of immigrant parents from Bangladesh, . . . → Read More: Ground Zero Mosque Debate,

Big Screen Scene: The Boxer Rebellion @ Bryant Park

Shame on me for not having heard or heard of them a whole lot sooner. Who would have thought it’d take a rom-com starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long to alert my ears to the deliciousness that is The Boxer Rebellion? A friend invited me two Tuesdays ago to a private screening of Going the Distance . . . → Read More: Big Screen Scene: The Boxer Rebellion @ Bryant Park

Things Fall Apart

It’s amazing how easily even the strongest of friendships can come undone. All it takes is a misunderstanding or one flip comment and before you know it, that person who you were saying you wanted to be in your wedding or who you thought you would be friends forever with is now your enemy.

I have two . . . → Read More: Things Fall Apart

Joy Division’s reincarnation=Weekend

Weekend is almost a verbatim remake of Joy Division. At first it rubbed me wrong, it’s not original, no. But then a new perspective divined itself before me, what if Ian Curtis came back and finished what he started through some 11th dimension portal? Weekend is just the conduit, the vesicle, Joy Division’s sonic Ouija Board. . . . → Read More: Joy Division’s reincarnation=Weekend

Field Trips to Havana?

Any day now the Obama administration will announce an easing of travel restrictions between the United States and Cuba, according to an article in The New York Times. Although the sources of the information are remaining anonymous – because they aren’t authorized to discuss the policy – those close to it told the Times that restrictions . . . → Read More: Field Trips to Havana?

Grandchildren- “Everlasting”

There’s something gratuitously telling about Grandchildren’s name, the sounds seem to be borrowed and reworked versions of the sounds our grandparents grew up on. Doo-wop through the filters of modernity, 60′s folk with electrical Tourett’s. There is a marriage of opposites so seamless, I seem less inclined to taint it with further descriptions. Aleks Martray grew . . . → Read More: Grandchildren- “Everlasting”