Wake up little dreamer

Every time some phase in life ends it is the scariest thing in the world. All that lays out before you is a black hole of endless possibilities and failures. This song has helped the dreamer in me . . . → Read More: Wake up little dreamer

Ukraine Parliament Smoke Bomb Egg Fight

As someone pointed out in the Foreign Policy blog there was a “chaotic ‘debate’” in the Ukraine parliament. Involving smoke bombs and eggs. . . . → Read More: Ukraine Parliament Smoke Bomb Egg Fight

Comfort Scene from the Cosby Show

Comfort comes in so many forms: dark chocolate with marzipan, the Smiths, the Daily Show, those fuzzy pajama bottoms that make pzzt pzzt noises with every step, cold apple juice, being in bed with the space heater on while it is cold and rainy outside, watching people walk by big plate glass windows, having the headphones . . . → Read More: Comfort Scene from the Cosby Show

Los Angeles Scene Capture

THE STRIP on East Sunset Blvd. is home to the Echo Curio, The Echo, Echoplex, Two Boots Pizza, The Shortstop and the recently reformed smoke-filled hideaway Little Joy. Steps between Silver Lake and Downtown Los Angeles shows and bars make sure that there is something amazing to do every night of the week. One . . . → Read More: Los Angeles Scene Capture

Air Guitar @ Brooklyn Bowl

On April 9th, a crowd of Brooklynites gathered to watch the gods of the most elusive instrument of all -the air guitar- perform. Around 9:45pm (after soundcheck and tuning) superstars of the string ghost put on a show that will forever remain embedded in my memory. Skillfully maneuvering through complex routines these Olympians of sounds . . . → Read More: Air Guitar @ Brooklyn Bowl

Author Interview: David Goodwillie

New York City: 2010. When a bomb goes off above Barney’s high-end department store the city is in shock. In David Goodwillie’s debut novel American Subersive (Scribner, April) Aidan Cole, a failed journalist turned gossip blogger receives a mystery email. Attached is a photo of a beautiful woman obscured by dark sunglasses and the . . . → Read More: Author Interview: David Goodwillie

Hitler Pissed About iPad

I’m watching as more and more publishers fall into the iPad trap, (they think it will revive their old business model). Mediactive even caught the New York Times losing some of their credibility for lavishing praise on this new it-toy. (Naughty naughty, that’s one of the few value propositions you have left, NYT, your . . . → Read More: Hitler Pissed About iPad

Miracles, Magnets

Tonight, after driving all around Brooklyn and sweating in art spaces and Apple stores, I went to my ex-roomies house to relax and watch America’s Next Top Model.D joins us, and tells the room that he has something really exciting to share after the show is over. Since we’re watching it recorded, every time we . . . → Read More: Miracles, Magnets

What’s the Story with Storytelling?

David Crabb / Performer, Producer & Storyteller

I think a lot of people equate the word “storytelling” with two things. One: their childhood. And two: an obnoxious uncle. The fact is, storytelling is a part of our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. Here’s an example:

Think of the idiot you’re forced to work with at . . . → Read More: What’s the Story with Storytelling?

M. Night Shyamalan… wha happen?

To be honest, I’m surprised he’s still allowed to make big-budget movies. You think after the huge flop of “Lady in the Water”, the big studio executives would get the hint… but no, they didn’t– and “The Happening”… happened:

Do the big studios keep hoping for the best? He did, at one time, seem to be the . . . → Read More: M. Night Shyamalan… wha happen?