I Don’t Remember Drawing That

No one can tell us drinking can’t be productive. After a week of work unwind by partying with pens. This weekend make your debauch decorative. Become a puff puff Picasso by playing Exquisite Corpse.

Best played with four of your nearest and dearest.

Fold paper into four sections.Section . . . → Read More: I Don’t Remember Drawing That

There Will Be Swag

“Inspired by Daniel Plainview, protagonist of the film ‘There Will Be Blood’,” read the production notes for the Oumlil Fall/Winter ‘09 runway show. “He is a man of singular vision, moving with cunning and determination through the oil rich American West at the Turn of the Century.” I didn’t quite understand the correlation between . . . → Read More: There Will Be Swag

And the Oscar goes to…

Recession-theme Oscars had everyone abuzz with anticipation, wondering what the economic struggle would do to the usually lavish displays of an “embarrassment of riches”.

Then as it started the activity of the night turned to texting and competition as we picked winners and kept tabs. Personal favorite moment was when James Franco and Seth Rogen watched . . . → Read More: And the Oscar goes to…

Place Your Bets

Tis the (Oscar) season, and your local deconstructionist Scrooge has nothing positive to say about the “who-will-win!?” hoopla…

Vile capitalistic paratext at its most hollow, a big industry’s award show—whether it be the Emmys, the AVN Awards, or the relatively tame announcement of Airline of the Year (Singapore Airlines)—creates out of nothing the double-illusion that (1) many . . . → Read More: Place Your Bets

It’s all in the timing

I suck. A couple of weeks ago, Royal forwarded me an invite from L Magazine to go to some bar in the LES to cover the launch party for NYC comedian Demetri Martin’s new Comedy Central show, Important Things with Demetri Martin. I thought it was a week later than it was, so I missed the . . . → Read More: It’s all in the timing

I’m with the Band

Stepping into the small TriBeCa space that houses the Fall/Winter Band of Outsiders collection, I feel as though I’ve stepped onto the set of some lost 60s Godard film. Vintage set pieces create a surreal sort of Parisian cityscape (or is it Central Park, or the upper east side?) Bored schoolgirls sit idly in front of . . . → Read More: I’m with the Band

My last relationship came to a shocking halt 6 months ago when my live-in boyfriend surprised me with his first emotionally available comment of our four-year relationship: He wasn’t in love with me anymore. Since then, I’ve joined pottery classes and trekked to sports bars, in search of New York bachelors. When all I ended up . . . → Read More:

Ladies, Thank the Lesbians

At parties, my spouse and I are often mistaken for friends or roommates because we share mascara, and we have long hair.

We are players of board games and readers of used books, the latter being our foremost weakness and indulgence. We have a private definition of “dirty” that is completely unrelated to sex. Overhead lights, with . . . → Read More: Ladies, Thank the Lesbians

Pomp Culture – Video edition

Ever get the feeling that time is moving by fast, too fast in fact, much too fast to keep track of all the cool new videos, and hip new grooves? The feeling that if you faltered midstep for even a split-second, you’ll get hit by a bus that’s cooler, smarter, funner and … well faster . . . → Read More: Pomp Culture – Video edition

Packing Heat In The Hood

It’s cold and dark outside, but as the weekend comes to a close the promise of fresh salsa lures me out of my warm, Park Slope apartment. After enduring a long, circuitous subway ride around Sunday night track work, I finally meet the Pomp team for a much anticipated taste test at the Bushwick birthplace . . . → Read More: Packing Heat In The Hood