April Art Attack

I know what you’re thinking. Three talented friends come together to throw a little visual soiree. “You’re fabulous!”–”No, you’re fabulous!”– “No, no, no, I insist that YOU’RE fabulous!” But, seriously, they are fabulous. Seonna Hong, Caroline Hwang, and Saelee Oh have known and worked with each other for years. Friendship and art combine to . . . → Read More: April Art Attack

Scandal Sheet: Fear of Flushing

I’m calling for a rest-room revolution! I understand that the purpose of technology is to make our lives easier and more productive, but toilets that flush automatically cross the line. Are we as a society so lazy and thoughtless that we can’t be bothered to get rid of our own waste?

The argument for . . . → Read More: Scandal Sheet: Fear of Flushing

Lonely In New York

. . . → Read More: Lonely In New York

Never Met You, But Want To

Why couldn’t George Weber just go to a gay bar? We’re living in Bromance land, he would have had no problem picking up some bondage boyz in Chelsea at Rawhide, which was across the street from my middle school. But a shady craigslist 16 year-old who makes questionably sane prank phone calls and posts them . . . → Read More: Never Met You, But Want To

Pomp Goes Global: Kolkata, West Bengal

At the start of 2009, I spent a week at Anandwan, a peaceful live-in community in central India for leprosy patients, discussing what it means to be part of a Fellowship. We were twenty some aspiring problem-solvers gathering daily in a room reminiscent of a Bengali adda, or hang-out session. Sitting cross-legged on thin, multi-colored mattresses . . . → Read More: Pomp Goes Global: Kolkata, West Bengal

Pomp Obsessions – Spring Break

Stranded at my parents house with a sprained ankle during grad school spring break means that I have a lot of free time for obsessing. I spend most nights watching my Bangladeshi parents favorite reality tv show, Dance India Dance. And the verdict is… it’s awesome. Not only does it force me . . . → Read More: Pomp Obsessions – Spring Break

Divas Diet Hard

Cher is offended Chia refuses to construct a head in her likeness. “Obama got one!” carped the aging legend. When we contacted Chia, the spokesperson said, “She called us herself, screaming, ‘You don’t got me babe,’ over and over again. She even airmailed us an ice sculpture of Sonny Bono.” It doesn’t look like Cher . . . → Read More: Divas Diet Hard

Barbie Bombs Over Shanghai

With the announcement of a new Barbie Superstore opening in Shanghai later this year, Mattel claims its export of gold-headed dolls will be loved as quintessentially “American” by the natives.

A little Chinese-American girl growing up in the ‘70s Bronx, I longed for a Barbie that looked like me. I tried the toy shelves at Alexander’s . . . → Read More: Barbie Bombs Over Shanghai

Cameras Caught Haught/Naught

We challenged photodrifting to snap pictures that illustrated our Haught/Naught for February. Spring things finally here and so are the results.

For Naught: Billionaires by Niki Hall

For Haught: Hot Totties by Carissa Pelleteri

For Naught: Peanut Butter by Ananda Lima

For Haught: Speedwalking by Gary ThomBy Rufus Mangrove

For Naught: Pigeons by Ananda Lima

For Haught: Street Meat by Jon . . . → Read More: Cameras Caught Haught/Naught

Pomp Obsessions – Brawl Street

Okay so admittedly a little late, I finally got to watch Jon Stewart use Jim Cramer as his own personal punching bag and it was… kind of disappointing. It seemed unreasonable to have Cramer justify the big business problem of this country, and why the media never really questions authority when it should. I . . . → Read More: Pomp Obsessions – Brawl Street