Kanye West

There is no denying that Sir Kanye West is a trendsetting musician for nearly a decade now and created a legend for himself, but can he do the same and break into the fashion industry and trend set down the runways? He featured his second Fall 2012 Ready to Wear collection in Paris and seems to . . . → Read More: Kanye West

Fashion Collaborations That Make Me Melt

Two specific fashion collaborations are coming up, and I think they may go the way of Julian Louie and Aldo Shoes (aka SOLD OUT).

One is H&M’s upcoming fall collaboration with designers from Versace Fashion House. The sneak peeks are actually quite exciting, showing lots of bright colors, pretty details and demure silouhettes. It’ll be . . . → Read More: Fashion Collaborations That Make Me Melt

All Of The Lights

I don’t know if he’s a genius or has aspergers, or both. . . . → Read More: All Of The Lights

Fame Monster

Went too far?

Photo: . . . → Read More: Fame Monster

Say What?

“She got an ass that could swallow up a G-stringn up top yeah two bee stingsand I’m beastinoff the Riesling”

Wondering if Kanye is aware he bascially just described himself as a rapper drinking fizzy fruity German white wine attracted to a woman with a massive ass and no tits? . . . → Read More: Say What?

Fake News – Inside the Limo

Britney Spears is back in the limelight and doesn’t seem to be cringing as much. Has the latent teen queen finally found a worthy therapist or is the truth much more gruesome and sinister? We at Pomp hear that her publicist just wasn’t ready to lose her meal ticket and took some desperate measures . . . → Read More: Fake News – Inside the Limo

I’m with the Band

Stepping into the small TriBeCa space that houses the Fall/Winter Band of Outsiders collection, I feel as though I’ve stepped onto the set of some lost 60s Godard film. Vintage set pieces create a surreal sort of Parisian cityscape (or is it Central Park, or the upper east side?) Bored schoolgirls sit idly in front of . . . → Read More: I’m with the Band


2009 seems to be the year of twins so far. From awful horror movie The Unborn, to the weird copycat tactics perpetrated by persons who will remain unnamed (but will be pixelized).

(Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio in the movie Jump Tomorrow)


What does everyone think of the new album? Headphone bliss? . . . → Read More: Twinzies