For a super secular Jew, Catholic iconography has always felt like a strange sanctuary. What started as a fascination in high school when I visited a church in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where priests flog themselves on Sundays has turned into a closeted belief in Saint Jude and the Virgin of Guadalupe. Visiting . . . → Read More: Pray

Fifteen Minute Flash

“Everyone Will Be Famous for 15 Minutes” Like every other New York dandy born after 1980, I love Warhol. He allows me to dream big, in fantastic colorama. This exhibition features polaroids of famous faces. Everyone is a celebrity. Viewers also have inflated egos, more talent than “anyone else” and damn it they SHOULD . . . → Read More: Fifteen Minute Flash

The Party’s Crashing Us Now

Whirlwind night! Thanks to everyone who came out and made it amazing! Thanks for interacting with the ads, the brands and each other. I know that we at Pomp had a blast talking to you and putting some faces to the names we’ve been working with. And to all the new faces, . . . → Read More: The Party’s Crashing Us Now

Pomp Out West: Constellations

. . . → Read More: Pomp Out West: Constellations

Party Countdown

The drummer from Def Leppard, Rick Allen, lost his arm in a car accident. His first thought coming to was “I’m the drummer from Def Leppard, and I don’t have a fucking arm!” Right now we at Pomp know just how he feels, sans missing limb of course.

We’ve been working hard for the . . . → Read More: Party Countdown

Surreal World

Author Daniel Chacon started off his first Brooklyn appearance at Perch Café in Park Slope, by asking his friend, Amanda, to sing. Daniel hadn’t seen her since 2000 when they met in Cuba. She obliged, singing a few bars of “Amazing Grace.” It was a benediction, a blessing to begin the reading.

Daniel read two . . . → Read More: Surreal World


The elephant cruelty protesters didn’t stop me from bum rushing box seats at Madison Square Garden for the circus. Still, between sips of free Bud from the packed mini fridge, I cringed when I heard whip cracks from the cat cage amplified. Being high above the screaming crowd and safe from clowns was plush, . . . → Read More: Ringmaster

Pomp Prefers Parties on Boats for Warm Weekends

. . . → Read More: Pomp Prefers Parties on Boats for Warm Weekends

Play It Passionate

As a nerdy Jewish high school girl in Livingston, New Jersey, I couldn’t get close to the group of guys everyone else found attractive. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. “It” boys owned the hallways in Varsity jackets and low-slung jeans. I tried hard, but couldn’t see what made them the ones I should . . . → Read More: Play It Passionate

Art Walk

There is an explosion of arts and culture all over Brooklyn, and not just off the L train with the usual posers. The Atlantic Avenue neighborhood is oozing with cultural goodness, as well as a crazy juxtaposition of neighborhoods. Park Slope, Boerum Hill and downtown Brooklyn all face-off!

I’ve learned so much about the hood, . . . → Read More: Art Walk