Top 11 of 2011

Just a couple of days ago, I was at a lavish, extravagant engagement party which rivaled most weddings I had been to. Besides making jokes about being surrounded by the 1%, I realized at one point that the world is filled with people like this. People who care only about superficial things, and all . . . → Read More: Top 11 of 2011

Robot Heart Stories

Described by one co-founder as: “a passion project for myself and a number of other amazing collaborators. When my 3 1/2 year old son and my mom (aka Grammy) get together to read stories it is often via our iPad. What I found inspiring is that while “Grammy” was teaching her grandson to read, he . . . → Read More: Robot Heart Stories

What to Do this Week (Cozy Up!)

I know, it’s gross out right? The rain and cold have made me pull out my space heater weeks earlier then I expected. I know, we are just waiting for Katia to pass us by so we can squeeze in as many outdoor drinking places as possible.

However, until then…

Tonight! Free event at powerHouse . . . → Read More: What to Do this Week (Cozy Up!)

Golden Globes Proved It – Long Live The Storyteller

“Post-Golden-Globes of 2011, a lot of people are asking themselves is celebrity dead? ”

This is not the end of the Golden Age of Hollywood. That happened aeons ago. This is the end of the thing that came next. Filling the void is a new community of entertainers, content developers, comedians, writers, documentarians, filmmakers . . . → Read More: Golden Globes Proved It – Long Live The Storyteller

Story Pirates

So I have been hearing about these Story Pirates. A group of comedians and performers who make sketch comedy pieces and re-enactments of stories that children write. On their website they write that:

“Story Pirates is a nationally respected arts and creative writing organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of . . . → Read More: Story Pirates