Survival Soundtrack 10 – Shove it

So the survival party came, and it went. The issue should be out in stores by Black Friday. Special thanks goes out to Andrew W.K., Tony O’Neill, Lucid, Littlefield and everyone else who made it out. For now, I’ll leave you with the last survival soundtrack pick. . . . → Read More: Survival Soundtrack 10 – Shove it

Survival Soundtrack 7 – Honey

I love the random warm weather days, where everyone in New York is walking down the street with a little smile on their face. This soundtrack pick is inspired by an article in the upcoming issue, about rooftop honey bees, a little piece of nature heaven in the industrial concretesville that is . . . → Read More: Survival Soundtrack 7 – Honey

Survival Soundtrack 6: Kiss-Off

Five years ago this is what I had to say:

“There is empty space between us in the shape of a boy who used to live and laugh with us and we don’t know how to live with it so we live around it.”

Sometimes, survival is about the ones who are no longer with us, but whose . . . → Read More: Survival Soundtrack 6: Kiss-Off

Survival Soundtrack 4- Oversaturation

Okay so this survival pick is definitely not new, but I remember listening to this song as a young tyke, and feeling like I could beat up all the bullies who made fun of me for my accent (I am an immigrant after all). I know that MJ is dead, and people have been playing . . . → Read More: Survival Soundtrack 4- Oversaturation

Survival Soundtrack 3: you’re invited

That’s right Pompers, you are all invited! Party Hard! (Andrew WK reference) All I can say about this days survival pick has already been said, much better than I could ever put it, in the comment section of the video on Youtube. Where eminy07 wrote: “ah this song makes me feel not so . . . → Read More: Survival Soundtrack 3: you’re invited

Who Will Survive Today?

My scientific-minded, unspiritual husband thinks I’m in a number worshipping cult. My obsession (which actually started before we met 3 years ago) is wrapped around elevens; a pair of them to be precise.

Seeing these numbers began whenever I looked at the digital clock near my bedside at night or on the computer screen . . . → Read More: Who Will Survive Today?