The Dumbest Thing I Heard Last Week

Did you catch that? Dana Perino, who was a Press Secretary for the Bush administration, said that there weren’t any terror attacks during Bush’s term. Nobody calls her out on it, but you can see the gentleman sitting next to her going “Wait. What? Did she just say…? Ooh! Hannity is asking me a question, it’s . . . → Read More: The Dumbest Thing I Heard Last Week

Scheherezade of Pain

When I was little, and had to get tested for allergies with ten needles stuck in each arm, my dad would distract me from the pain by telling me stories. I would be staring down at needles in my arms while he would hold my hand and tell me about Patans (stupid, but kind), King . . . → Read More: Scheherezade of Pain

The Case Against Democracy

These people vote.


No, but seriously, I don’t hold ignorance against people. Ignorance can be cured, and ignorance is okay when you recognize it within yourself and seek to eradicate it through knowledge and experience. The problem here is this abundance of ignorance intentionally spread by the Republican Party and attached to a sense of pride and . . . → Read More: The Case Against Democracy

Survival Soundtrack 10 – Shove it

So the survival party came, and it went. The issue should be out in stores by Black Friday. Special thanks goes out to Andrew W.K., Tony O’Neill, Lucid, Littlefield and everyone else who made it out. For now, I’ll leave you with the last survival soundtrack pick. . . . → Read More: Survival Soundtrack 10 – Shove it

The Big Payback

Juxtapoz and Upper Playground, know how to put the Art in party. Their recent auction consisted of artwork from over 140 artists, free tasty bites provided by Gram and Papa’s, and sweet cupcake treats from Frosted. The Big Payback’s proceeds are to support the Powerhouse project of Detroit, brainchild of Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert. Their . . . → Read More: The Big Payback

True Story: Twilight Addict

I’m 24. I’m a Photographer, sales girl, and blogger. I’m an nyc native, fiancee, and Gemini. I’m also a Twihard. I’m not the type to deny things I love.

I come from a household of readers and love good books. The closest I’ve gotten to cheesy best-sellers before was a stint with Steven King in middle . . . → Read More: True Story: Twilight Addict

Bizz Buzz

As a sucker for feel-good movies and football, I was thrilled to cover last night’s premiere of “The Blind Side” at the Ziegfeld Theatre. The movie stars my favorite actress Sandra Bullock. Plus, it is based on the life of Michael Oher, who plays for my hometown Baltimore Ravens.

The true tale behind the film . . . → Read More: Bizz Buzz

Survival Soundtrack 9 – Happy

We’re getting closer and closer to the party. Can you feel the happy?

If you can’t feel the happy you can find the happy, tomorrow at Littlefield, . . . → Read More: Survival Soundtrack 9 – Happy

Survival Soundtrack 8 – So Moody

This is a band I would have looooved in high school. I’ll settle for playing this on repeat on . . . → Read More: Survival Soundtrack 8 – So Moody

Challah Back

Jews have survived a lot–Slavery, Genocide and bad lox. Heeb Magazine’s brilliant anthology “Sex, Drugs & Gefilte Fish” (Hachette Book Group) brings together a range of racy personal essays which illustrate true Jewish triumphs. Whether getting masturbating lessons, beating breast cancer with Benzos or going undercover for the Mossad all the authors share a . . . → Read More: Challah Back