CMJ Days 3-5

By day 3 things were beginning to look a bit hypnotic, overexertion and sleep deprivation coupled with copious amounts of…um…err…
Thursday, Oct 21st.
Social Studies opened 104 Ave C’s show, a Frisco quartet fond of mocking ballads tinged twee, railroad electronics and Transylvanian organs. Blonde Redhead without an edge, but very talented nonetheless. I was psyched to see . . . → Read More: CMJ Days 3-5

CMJ- 2 days so far. So Far

It’s day 3 of CMJ, I’m past the point of running on fumes, trying to catch the maximum amount of bands in five days and the least amount of sleep since the beginning of summer. 543 bands in five days=wtf?
Day 1- Oct 19th.
Dear diary, I just got back from my first day of CMJ’s music marathon . . . → Read More: CMJ- 2 days so far. So Far

Life lessons from Andrew W.K.

Among Andrew W.K.’s many job titles (which include musician, producer, TV show host, club owner, and expert partier), one that many might not know about is the role of motivational speaker. At his CMJ lecture/panel on October 21 at NYU, listeners got insight as to why W.K. does things the way he does—and it actually makes . . . → Read More: Life lessons from Andrew W.K.

Sneak Attack!

Tomorrow we’ll be giving away free issues of Pomp & Circumstance and getting drunk during the day here. Come grab some swag and . . . → Read More: Sneak Attack!

CMJ Hangover

This Bushwick bitch is back in action NYC-style just in time for CMJ. This marks the one-year anniversary of me moving to this town from the O.C. Going to the same party that opened up CMJ last year – the infamous Conflict of Interest party (put on by the Syndicate for the 10th year in . . . → Read More: CMJ Hangover

Pomp Does CMJ

CMJ has come to an end– and I’m glad. Don’t get me wrong, . . . → Read More: Pomp Does CMJ