Monsanto Kills – But They Pay To Do It


Today my Facebook feed has been blowing up with the petition to disentangle the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) from Monsanto.  If you haven’t watched Food, Inc.  you might be asking yourself what Monsanto is, and how it’s a bedfellow of the FDA to begin with. 

Monsanto: company started in 19o1 by an ex-pharmaceutical man who named . . . → Read More: Monsanto Kills – But They Pay To Do It

Politics & Money

Today, a look at the news has brought on pre-election hysterics. What the eff are we supposed to do? With budgets being slashed for public forums such as libraries, schools and senior citizen centers, the solution does not lie with the divisive bickering of Michele Bachmann or Mitt Romney. I don’t care that . . . → Read More: Politics & Money

Shutdown Averted – USA is Winning

So the anarchic song of distress and freedom was just a ballyhoot.  A last-minute meeting between Boehner and Reid helped the some of the social issues/budget cuts (Planned Parenthood anyone?)  get resolved – in a very testy, wary, Cold War kind of way.

The Week does a great little round-up of the whole government shutdown crisis averted . . . → Read More: Shutdown Averted – USA is Winning

Anarchy in the U.S.A.

Guysss!!! It might just happen! Just like in 1995, when Clinton and Congress were like two stubborn lovers after a particularly nasty fight about money. And then boom. Parks closedown, apparently there is no border patrol, and a bunch of federal employees don’t get paid. CBS news does an interesting article about the differences and similarities . . . → Read More: Anarchy in the U.S.A.


State of the Union, and with it, everyone shows their true political colors.  Pessimists, or optimists, or apathists.  (Yeah I made that word up, but if you just don’t care about anything, you won’t care if I add an ist to a word that doesn’t have it…right?)

I just walked away with the feeling that it doesn’t . . . → Read More: SOTU vs. STFU

Fashion Debut: Diamond in the Rough

Bonjour, you curious thing you… What’s this, a fashion post on Pomp & Circumstance? You don’t know how you feel about this? I am Precilla, a student studying Fashion Design and am a chameleon in the fashion world and I say you will love it, if not appreciate it or find it the least bit interesting . . . → Read More: Fashion Debut: Diamond in the Rough

obama obama obama poll?

Is anyone else, like, a little OUTRAGED that Obama wants to tax people who don’t have health insurance? I am hanging on to mine by a thread, and the millions who can’t afford it will be penalized for not being able to afford it. I don’t get the logic. What do you think?It kind of makes . . . → Read More: obama obama obama poll?

Economics and Health Reform for DUMMIES

So chances are that the recession is over, or on it’s way out (like Madonna). But, we won’t be feeling the effects of the national economy righting itself for a while, this recession good bye party can’t even be planned yet. This is because a) more companies are realizing they can run more efficiently . . . → Read More: Economics and Health Reform for DUMMIES

Divas Diet Hard

Cher is offended Chia refuses to construct a head in her likeness. “Obama got one!” carped the aging legend. When we contacted Chia, the spokesperson said, “She called us herself, screaming, ‘You don’t got me babe,’ over and over again. She even airmailed us an ice sculpture of Sonny Bono.” It doesn’t look like Cher . . . → Read More: Divas Diet Hard

Screw Turkey, Let’s Talk Chocolate

I’m on team chocolate. When my friend Sarah Michelson invited me to KB Hall Creative Group’s 11th annual chocolate show, I leapt at the opportunity.

There were at least sixty booths set up at packed Pier 94, devoted to all things cocoa. Each of these booths handed out samples of their best. The highlights . . . → Read More: Screw Turkey, Let’s Talk Chocolate