Law May Not Be On Your Side, But Art Can be Madness

The Associated Press recently ran an article about a cafe in Bay Ridge under surveillance because it was Muslim-owned. The owner felt targetted and his business started doing badly as he lost customers who felt they were being unfairly marked. Boo-urns.

On a completely unrelated note, in soviet Russia, movie director becomes new dictator. . . . → Read More: Law May Not Be On Your Side, But Art Can be Madness

I feel the earth move under my feet

Umm, the earth just moved under our feet, but thank goodness the sky didn’t come tumbling down.
Office desks were shaking, rattling their drawers, chattering of pens and paperclips and everything else just shaking shaking shaking.

One of my old lady coworkers just said, “I know, God is mad at . . . → Read More: I feel the earth move under my feet

Cocktails for a Cause

Woodstock Sanctuary Rooftop Party Poster

Are you all about animals? A supporter of life-saving havens for abused and abandoned four-legged (and winged) friends? A compassionate and conscientious person? If you answered “yes” to one or more of the aforementioned and reside in or near the New York City area, have we got the perfect fête for you. This coming Thursday, June . . . → Read More: Cocktails for a Cause

Weiner’s Pulling Out

This is a bit of an uninformed rant, but dayumn, really? Weiner is going to resign? For sexting? Doesn’t that just show how in touch with his Brooklyn constituents he really is? Come on.

I am not okay with peoples private indiscretions, as a normal judgmental human being. But when I try . . . → Read More: Weiner’s Pulling Out

Friday Music – Until We Bleed – Kleerup Featuring Lykke Li

Yesterday I was visiting my old neighborhood, the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. There were these people blasting music when we got there, it sounded like some sort of hip hop/club remixes. Once we settled down in the 3rd floor balcony over the street, the music took on a distinct, other, sort of flavor. . . . → Read More: Friday Music – Until We Bleed – Kleerup Featuring Lykke Li

H Fredriksson

Spring doesn’t always mean pastels or loud, bright colors like hot pink on black with a NYC taxi cab yellow shaded nail polish on your tootsies.

Helena Fredriksson has an interesting take to her designs, with a darker, sensual yet chic taste. Its a great balance surprisingly when one things how can anything dark be chic? With . . . → Read More: H Fredriksson

Alexandra Grecco

For all the dames that love to be dolled up with an old fashion take on your “night on the town” outfits with your daddy’s (that being a young woman’s boyfriend/lover especially if he’s rich)- Ive got the PERFECT BK based designer for you! Who knew Brooklyn would be the one borough besides Manhattan, that  housed . . . → Read More: Alexandra Grecco

Mina Stone

Mina Stone is yet, another fabulous Brooklyn based fashion designer who is underrated and with her designs speaking for her will soon enough be styling the women of New York with beautiful dresses and jumpsuits. Her 2011 Spring/Summer collection shows subtle hints of her Greek heritage with deep blue sea shades of blue and dresses with . . . → Read More: Mina Stone

“Dastardly”-ness & One Dastard Who Would Be Governor

Some caveman named Carl Paladino wants to be governor of New York but recently said in a Brooklyn speech/hate act:

“I don’t want them [my children] brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option—it isn’t.”

(His speech apparently also included the line, “There is nothing to be proud of in being a . . . → Read More: “Dastardly”-ness & One Dastard Who Would Be Governor

Miracles, Magnets

Tonight, after driving all around Brooklyn and sweating in art spaces and Apple stores, I went to my ex-roomies house to relax and watch America’s Next Top Model.D joins us, and tells the room that he has something really exciting to share after the show is over. Since we’re watching it recorded, every time we . . . → Read More: Miracles, Magnets