Krazy for Kaftans

Beach season has finally arrived and finding the right cover-up can be challenging. One doesn’t always look toward a sarong or a a simple cotton or terry cloth dress. Today, women are going to lounge around in the sand in a more fabulous beachwear. Kaftans have certainly become more popular since Elizabeth Taylors auction at Christies, . . . → Read More: Krazy for Kaftans


Followers of mysticism rejoice! Tonight is the night that Manhattan becomes all mysterious like Stonehenge, or something. It’s the night when the sun sets along east-west street grids, and you can be transported to a more primitive era, when light and shadows were more cause for concern or celebration.

At around 8:17 pm the show . . . → Read More: Manhattan-henge

Silk Stems

As Christian told Cher Horowitz after she “dropped” her fabulous fur pen, “Nice stems” – was probably one of the sexiest compliments I have ever heard come from a man. Sure men love when you display your fabulous stems especially during the summer but sometimes its for that reason that a Maxi skirt has the same . . . → Read More: Silk Stems

Met Gala 2012

The fashion worlds Oscar night, only bigger! The one night where it is acceptable to go above and beyond in Couture to celebrate the The Costume Institutes annual fete to celebrate the Met’s new exhibition in which this year is Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations.  Hollywood’s A lister’s among the rich and famous walk the red carpet . . . → Read More: Met Gala 2012

Friday Music – Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (MCA Tribute)

Oh dear, MCA has died of cancer. Activist, rap star, video production dude and all around cool and approachable guy (being that my Twitter and Facebook feeds are blowing up with people who actually had a chance to meet/run into him, and he was always nice.) The world won’t be the same without ye.

Below . . . → Read More: Friday Music – Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (MCA Tribute)

White House Correspondence Dinner Fashion

The White House and it’s annual Nerd Prom, as DC Insiders dub it had more than it’s fair share of Hollywood this year. Adding to that statement, I’ve got to say that it also had it’s share of celebrities that begs the question “Why on Earth was she/he invited?” For example, LINDSAY LOHAN. Allright Greta Van . . . → Read More: White House Correspondence Dinner Fashion

May Day – This Is Why I March

Congratulations to all the May Day supporters, for marching, for taking the time to fight for the rest of us.

Below are some clips from the NYC May Day march and a song by my favorite Song A Day Mann – . . . → Read More: May Day – This Is Why I March