Political rhetoric: Has it grown more venomous?

Has our political rhetoric taken a dangerous turn?

In the wake of the attempted assassination of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords – along with the death of six including 9-year-old Christina Taylor and U.S. District Judge John Roll– many politicians and the media are asking that very question. Although it was one mentally ill man who was responsible . . . → Read More: Political rhetoric: Has it grown more venomous?


After my sweaty second behind the black voting booth curtain, I hopped on the L train to escape Manhattan. I headed for the emptier streets off Lorimer Street. I was on my way to the Union Docs (www.uniondocs.org) community house, a non-profit documentary artscollaborative and the home of a friend. I hoped this . . . → Read More: Obamanator

Just Don’t Burn My Books

A girl once told me autumn was the most violent season. I’m starting to agree. It’s been a time of financial ruin, ecological destruction and casual remarks about a second Holocaust (if Ahmadinejad doesn’t believe the first one happened, how can there be a second?). Halloween is coming up, promising sadistic pranks and . . . → Read More: Just Don’t Burn My Books

Scandal Sheet #1 – Stalk This

With the reality TV cameras always rolling, anal probes at airports and Sarah Palin spying on Russia from her kitchen window, we finally understand the term “get a life.” Before we started worrying about our phones being tapped, we thought it was something annoying kids in tie-dyed shorts said in the . . . → Read More: Scandal Sheet #1 – Stalk This