Where W. Went

A new post Bush era has dawned on us Americans. For those of us who have been waiting his presidency out, Bush’s last day in office seemed anti-climatic. After eight years as president, what the fuck is Dubya going to do with all his newfound free time?

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Snowy Stilts

The guitarist of Crystal Stilts is an ashy young man, playing with his back to the audience. They’re a peculiar breed. Singer JB often sings with closed eyes or rolled back in his head—all whites. I went to see them on a cold, snowy January night at the Market Hotel, a new venue . . . → Read More: Snowy Stilts

Praise Song – REDUX

His speech wove millions of threads together, bringing the tapestry of American life to the forefront. It was nice, of course, to have someone practically shouting the Pomp mission statement out to the world, from the presidential pulpit no less. Responsibility, struggle, and how these things will ultimately lead to success and joy. . . . → Read More: Praise Song – REDUX


2009 seems to be the year of twins so far. From awful horror movie The Unborn, to the weird copycat tactics perpetrated by persons who will remain unnamed (but will be pixelized).

(Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio in the movie Jump Tomorrow)


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Where My Gays At?

In a backwards mode of thinking I don’t ascribe to, all girls are destined to fulfill a particular station. Some are destined to become wives and mothers, successful business ladies, or have it all: man, kids and career. I was born into this world to excel at the art of faghag-dom.

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