Naeem Khan Fall 2011

Here’s to daydreaming of some fabulous high end fashion À la Naeem Khan.

How is it that I am in love with literally, every single piece of this genius’s Ready to Wear Fall 2011 collection? Shouldn’t there be two or three designs that are mediocre? Not with my favorite NY based desi designer. I am head over heels . . . → Read More: Naeem Khan Fall 2011

James Coviello

Dearest Pompers,

I hope this week made most of you and your wardrobe realize that its time to pack those denim jeans, UGGS (for you girls who still wear them with mini skirts), and even your fabulous Burberry trenches out of sight and out of mind for the next couple of months. I am still having a . . . → Read More: James Coviello

Bibhu Mohapatra

The ladies of NY can never fall too short of an array of cocktail dresses to choose from. Thankfully, we fashionistas have been blessed with another FIT graduate (year 2009) whose designs have taken force in the fashion world with Bergdorfs about to pick up his Spring 2011 collection, I’d say he accomplished quite a bit . . . → Read More: Bibhu Mohapatra