Tory Burch

Polished proffesional’s , I’ve found the perfect toned down and stylish briefcase for you to show off around the office! Audrey Hepburn and Upper East Side wannabes, I’ve got the perfect classic-with-a-modern-touch satchel for you to show off at the front steps of the Met during your next Pink Berry date with your girlfriends! From the . . . → Read More: Tory Burch

Christian Siriano Fall 2012

Who would’ve thought a designer as FIERCE as Christian Siriano would design his latest Fall 2012 collection based on an idiosyncratic horror film from 1933, The Vampire Bat? He continues to prove to be a front runner in the up and coming fashion world with his perfect take on balancing between 1930′s vintage glamour and modern . . . → Read More: Christian Siriano Fall 2012

Naeem Khan Pre-Fall 2012

Naeem Khans Pre-Fall 2012 is yet another gorgeous collection, much like his other previous designs there will be red carpet friendly gowns fit for a goddess with the exception of a few cocktail dresses that have a more played down tone to them which is more welcome this season because we all know, too much extravagance . . . → Read More: Naeem Khan Pre-Fall 2012

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Happy New Year Pompers! It’s 2012, and we have another year of looking fabulous… so to all of those so-called modern prophets who keep pushing the “doomsday” date back, you can suck it.

So many people, went to so many places for NYE, I’m wondering how you spent yours and with the outfit of your choice? Thankfully, . . . → Read More: Baby, it’s cold outside!

Naeem Khan Spring 2012

Michelle Obama’s recent favorite designer certainly ended New York’s Fashion week with a fabulous grand finale. His Spring 2012 collection that is just oozing with old school glamour and modern upper east side (pricey) elegance. 

I tell you, this man knows just what women want. He knows the balance between fashion and fantasy when women dream of . . . → Read More: Naeem Khan Spring 2012

Face OFF???

OMGZ! It’s true, Coke zero in a brilliant marketing tool has decided to bring together doppelgangers from all over the world.What does that mean, say you?What it means is that you can go through the Coke Zero website, then connect through Facebook (in a do you trust this app way? where you have to . . . → Read More: Face OFF???

Who Will Survive Today?

My scientific-minded, unspiritual husband thinks I’m in a number worshipping cult. My obsession (which actually started before we met 3 years ago) is wrapped around elevens; a pair of them to be precise.

Seeing these numbers began whenever I looked at the digital clock near my bedside at night or on the computer screen . . . → Read More: Who Will Survive Today?

2012: A Space Prophecy

The Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012. If you aren’t living under a rock, chances are you have heard and probably worried about this. Nostradamus, who predicted major wars around this time and a huge “space collision,” also referenced the date. Biblical figures prophesied the planet Nibiru (also known as Planet X) will come . . . → Read More: 2012: A Space Prophecy