The Story Pirates – After Dark Special

Jon Stewart did it again, he got all into helping organizations that… try and benefit our world in some way. Anyone familiar with Pomp would have heard of The Story Pirates (we interviewed the CEO Benjamin Salka for the most recent issue), and how they aim to take arts education and storytelling to help enliven childrens . . . → Read More: The Story Pirates – After Dark Special

Rally to Restore Sanity – Location Revealed

One of the most important and radical events in our cultural history finally has a location.

Or you know, a very reasonable and justified, let’s say, shindig (really?) is now slated to take place somewhere, sort of in front of the U.S. Capitol.

Jon Stewart revealed his place yesterday as well as his designated charity of choice for . . . → Read More: Rally to Restore Sanity – Location Revealed

Story Pirates Part 2

So the Story Pirates event was yesterday, and the founder was gracious enough to speak with me about his organization and allow for me to cover the event. The comedians were funny as is to be expected, Jon Stewart and Todd Barry worked the crowd. While Kristen Schaal and Jack McBrayer played in skits . . . → Read More: Story Pirates Part 2

Story Pirates

So I have been hearing about these Story Pirates. A group of comedians and performers who make sketch comedy pieces and re-enactments of stories that children write. On their website they write that:

“Story Pirates is a nationally respected arts and creative writing organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of . . . → Read More: Story Pirates

The Boy who Harnessed the Wind

I love that title. It makes me think of a fairy tale. The kind where humans turn into animals that belong somewhere other than here, like the sea or sky. Or the kind where a long journey has to be taken because someone is born into the wrong life. It conjures old-timey . . . → Read More: The Boy who Harnessed the Wind

Pomp Obsessions – Brawl Street

Okay so admittedly a little late, I finally got to watch Jon Stewart use Jim Cramer as his own personal punching bag and it was… kind of disappointing. It seemed unreasonable to have Cramer justify the big business problem of this country, and why the media never really questions authority when it should. I . . . → Read More: Pomp Obsessions – Brawl Street

Place Your Bets

Tis the (Oscar) season, and your local deconstructionist Scrooge has nothing positive to say about the “who-will-win!?” hoopla…

Vile capitalistic paratext at its most hollow, a big industry’s award show—whether it be the Emmys, the AVN Awards, or the relatively tame announcement of Airline of the Year (Singapore Airlines)—creates out of nothing the double-illusion that (1) many . . . → Read More: Place Your Bets