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World of Wonders

The magical Museé Mécanique in San Francisco, California, a warehouse full of antique and vintage mechanical amusements. You can read more about my . . . → Read More: World of Wonders

Amen, Amen, Amen

My neuropsychologist mom taught me how to diagnose people from a young age. She also left me with a deep jealousy for her patients, who stole away her time. If I had Autism or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Mom could stay home to treat me. Amen, Amen, Amen (Scribner Hardcover) by Abby Sher is . . . → Read More: Amen, Amen, Amen

Life lessons from Andrew W.K.

Among Andrew W.K.’s many job titles (which include musician, producer, TV show host, club owner, and expert partier), one that many might not know about is the role of motivational speaker. At his CMJ lecture/panel on October 21 at NYU, listeners got insight as to why W.K. does things the way he does—and it actually makes . . . → Read More: Life lessons from Andrew W.K.

Hey, Mr. Postman

Growing up my eccentric artist Dad wrote letters to people he met in personal columns. They resulted in painted portraits full of sex and violence. As soon as I turned 16, I started searching for escapism in pen pals. “Mary and Max” starring Philip Seymour Hoffmann and Toni Collete is about the beautiful . . . → Read More: Hey, Mr. Postman

This Week In Franken – Smart And Incisive Edition

I’d love it if congress had more people like Al Franken kicking around. Earlier this month we saw his amendment to the military appropriations bill pass, which was both a really strong statement on important current events and an action that will actually change behavior (as opposed to the statement of condemnation votes, or whatever they’re . . . → Read More: This Week In Franken – Smart And Incisive Edition

Pomp Off

This week has been incredibly overwhelming. The last boy I slept with deleted me from facebook. I blacked out at a work party, did my first reading and found out my grandma might have alzheimers. So really I just need some “Luxury” courtesy of Tiga . . . → Read More: Pomp Off

Spike Jonze and Kanye West Get Really Weird

Fresh off his victory? failure? with Where The Wild Things Are (haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard people talking pretty passionately on either side of the issue), Spike Jonze made his internet release of We Were Once A Fairytale starring Kanye West as… himself?

Weighing in at about 11 minutes, it’s a bit long for a web . . . → Read More: Spike Jonze and Kanye West Get Really Weird

Anna Ternheim @ Bowery

The first time I saw Swedish powerhouse Anna Ternheim she was opening for Lykke Li and El Perro Del Mar. This time she was opening for Loney, Dear and Asobi Seksu.

Loney, Dear also from Sweden, played back-up for Anna during most of her set. She played mostly tracks from her new album Leaving on a . . . → Read More: Anna Ternheim @ Bowery


To make a house a home, I remember one of those wooden wall hangings on the wall of my room as a child. It had a list of rules on how to make a house a home. They made no sense, is what I mostly remember. But somehow, that house became home.I know . . . → Read More: Wallpaper