No White Meat

I did not eat Turkey because I hate birds. Two weeks ago I was on my way to grab lunch near my midtown office, when I was confronted with one of New York’s least pleasant occurrences. Lying between Subway and one of those nameless health food stores that sells Luna bars and fat free cookies for . . . → Read More: No White Meat

I Know What Worried Me Last Summer: AC Newman

I was worried about AC Newman last summer, when the ginger-headed New Pornographer updated his Facebook status with heartfelt commentary on VH1 realitard show, I Love Money on the daily.

The show mashes up the day-drunk dollies from Rock of Love with Bret Fucking Michaels, Flavor of Love and I Love New York to compete for a . . . → Read More: I Know What Worried Me Last Summer: AC Newman

The Mean Greens

After class, shivering in Tribeca I longed for fireplaces in log cabins like we had at my art school in Vermont, or at least my overheated BK apartment – but I wanted to be a supportive friend.

My friends’ band, The Kiss Off, was playing for the opening of new green nightclub in NYC The Greenhouse (*joe . . . → Read More: The Mean Greens

Screw Turkey, Let’s Talk Chocolate

I’m on team chocolate. When my friend Sarah Michelson invited me to KB Hall Creative Group’s 11th annual chocolate show, I leapt at the opportunity.

There were at least sixty booths set up at packed Pier 94, devoted to all things cocoa. Each of these booths handed out samples of their best. The highlights . . . → Read More: Screw Turkey, Let’s Talk Chocolate

Get Out Of My Car/ Get Into My Pants

I’d love to know what it is I’m casting out into the universe that makes me so g’damned appealing to cab drivers. Really. Just in these last odd weeks, I’ve received a marriage proposal, been offered a free ride in exchange for my phone number, and been told “you look real hot tonight, Mama.”

These pick-up artists . . . → Read More: Get Out Of My Car/ Get Into My Pants


After my sweaty second behind the black voting booth curtain, I hopped on the L train to escape Manhattan. I headed for the emptier streets off Lorimer Street. I was on my way to the Union Docs ( community house, a non-profit documentary artscollaborative and the home of a friend. I hoped this . . . → Read More: Obamanator

What’s your Obama-won-face?

Due to technical difficulties of feeling cut off from the world because of no election news coverage, the Pomp election watch was shortly canceled and we made our way down to another LES hang out, preferably one with drink specials and television screens; all the while staying close to the Williamsburg bridge so that the trip . . . → Read More: What’s your Obama-won-face?


As a struggling young film director the dire economy and upcoming election make me feel like my future is frightening. I went to see “W.” to get inside the head of a man who has been a joke of a president these last two terms.

I was disappointed with the lack of coverage of the 2000 . . . → Read More: W

You Have To Peep This

With election day looming, I’m beginning to wonder if I should cop a gun for the crib. Not to be a crunchy hippie and all, but at a time like this, we seriously need something, ANYTHING, to break this tension and crack a smile.

I grabbed this video from (cuz its sweet) and it seems safe . . . → Read More: You Have To Peep This