Friday Music – Glasser – Apply

Proust may have posited that smell is the stongest sense for conjuring memory, but for me it’s music. And the recent car-ride with friendlies who I don’t get to see enough is the inspiration for today’s Friday music post.

Glasser consists of singer-songwriter Cameron Mesirow, backed by True Panther, and described as a mix of Van . . . → Read More: Friday Music – Glasser – Apply

Dying Publishing Industry Gets Schooled by Grassroots Hip Hop

Today’s publishing industry can learn a lot from a 23-year-old rap artist with a mic and a laptop in his bedroom.
This is my boy Lil Si. He lives in Croydon, just south of London. If you’ve heard of the music genre Dubstep, Croydon is the neighborhood where it was born. And Lil Si, a local grassroots . . . → Read More: Dying Publishing Industry Gets Schooled by Grassroots Hip Hop

Fashion’s Night Out

Calling all hardworking, 9 to 5 and Fulltime Fashion lovers!!!

It’s third times the charm and that time of the year again, Fashion’s Night Out happening September 8th!!! Time to to save up now for the fabulous after-hours fête, not all over JUST New York – its worldwide! You get to mingle with fellow  fashionista’s, snatch up some . . . → Read More: Fashion’s Night Out

I feel the earth move under my feet

Umm, the earth just moved under our feet, but thank goodness the sky didn’t come tumbling down.
Office desks were shaking, rattling their drawers, chattering of pens and paperclips and everything else just shaking shaking shaking.

One of my old lady coworkers just said, “I know, God is mad at . . . → Read More: I feel the earth move under my feet

I Follow Rivers – Friday Music (Late)

Sometimes real life intrudes upon our carefully prepared plans – or just the little things we like to keep consistent like the running of this blog. Sometimes real life is sad and painful, and other times it’s the most joyous occasion ever – populated with laughter, dancing, and a giant lovefest between friends. Sometimes . . . → Read More: I Follow Rivers – Friday Music (Late)

Escape from New York

Right now I am in a 15 person van filled with: 7 friends, flowers and herbs covered in bags of ice, baggage, a suitcase filled with make up, wedding favors and some 20 sided, 10 sided and six sided die.

In the midst of: conversations about politics (Bachmann is an idiot), game of thrones recaps and character . . . → Read More: Escape from New York

Mad Men for Banana Republic

For the fans who are Mad about Mad Men, may now strut their stuff in the early 1960′s designs featured in a limited mens and womens wear collection at Banana Republic, and if your wondering who’s behind this brilliant idea? Its the show’s costume designer Janie Bryant who teamed up with Banana to give it a . . . → Read More: Mad Men for Banana Republic

Go Outside in Brooklyn

Tonight, at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Tuesday Night Tour at 6 pm, meets at Pier 1. (It’s Free!)

You can walk around in the first cool day we’ve had in months, explore hidden treasures within the park-gem, and find out about their sustainability methods. More info here.

Also tonight, at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a trail of . . . → Read More: Go Outside in Brooklyn


Almost a month ago, Thandie Newton gave an incredible TED talk about “otherness”, growing up as a sort of outsider. This is something I have experienced/discussed/fought against most of my life, as an immigrant who once moved to a mostly white neighborhood, and then went to a largely white liberal arts college. The concepts . . . → Read More: “Otherness”

Friday Music – Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Lana Del Rey, aka Lizzy Grant, self-proclaimed, “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” has been playing the New York City circuit for a while now. The album is genre-hoppingly diverse, and her look has been carefully crafted recently to give off that breezy, yet modern 70s vibe. Through it all, her debut, Video Games, is a sonic . . . → Read More: Friday Music – Lana Del Rey – Video Games