My Do-Over

One week after my embarrassing first date with J, he texted me again. “Hey, are we still on for tonight? I got us a reservation at a place I think you’ll really love.” For those of you just tuning in, J was my first OkC date. We had great chemistry, until I threw up all over . . . → Read More: My Do-Over


This week I went out with a guy named D. He IMed me while I was online, sans messaging. It’s not the classiest move, but I went with it. Within a few IMs I found out he was a Yale alum and a 3rd year Harvard law student, home in the village for winter break. “Oh. . . . → Read More: D-Date

My 1-Week Relationship

L and I started message bonding over farming. One thing that sets me a bit apart from your typical Barnard broad is my love of the great outdoors. True, I grew up in the Bronx — not quite your rolling hills of Switzerland — but still, I took classes at the Bronx Botanical Gardens as a . . . → Read More: My 1-Week Relationship

First Date Soul Mate

One wine-drunken evening my suitemate Em convinced me to join OkCupid, and let me tell you, it’s a win-win of a website. The way I see it, there are two kinds of messages a girl can get. 1) Creeptastic. 2) Kind of charming. While the creeptastic ones keep you laughing, the kind of charming ones often . . . → Read More: First Date Soul Mate

Female Trouble – Uptown Lowdown Comes to Pomp!

This column is calling. Calling all girls who don’t hit the bar just to show off overexposed thighs and thong lines; calling all girls who don’t drool over the kind of guy who will kick them out before breakfast (come on, he should at least buy you chocolate-chip-hangover pancakes first) . . . and calling all . . . → Read More: Female Trouble – Uptown Lowdown Comes to Pomp!