Fantasy Hole

What better way to spend a snow day than a trip to Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting’s . . . → Read More: Fantasy Hole


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White Hills Album Review and Exclusive Interview

Just when you thought you were getting jaded by the billionth wave of psych rock, White Hills will enlighten the disenchanted. Their new self-titled record is a tight outfit of hallucinatory space-rock numbers strung together by Dave W.’s driving force of guitars and Ego Sensations thundering bass. Oneida’s drummer Kid Millions steps in to provide pounding . . . → Read More: White Hills Album Review and Exclusive Interview

The Circle of Leaf

Spring is in the air! Here at Pomp we are thinking about renewal, rebirth and our new web launch (coming soon!) This “circle of leaf” reminds me of 1st grade and Mrs. Crabapple’s collection assignment. We gathered leaves at the end of winter and placed them from birth to death. It was sad at first . . . → Read More: The Circle of Leaf

Nature’s Doll

Because we love hiding in plain sight and living dangerously. Who knows what all that body paint did to Veruschka’s long term longevity? Dare someone to try this in NYC’s . . . → Read More: Nature’s Doll

Charlotte Gainsbourg IRM Review

The daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin stares death right in the face and gets it right on her third album. On the title track to IRM – a reference to her 2007 cerebral hemorrhage – she asks, “Take a picture, what’s inside?” Apparently inside there was a desire to make a great record. . . . → Read More: Charlotte Gainsbourg IRM Review

Warm you up

Our heat has been turned off, due to a series of unfortunate events. And since we actually live in a big drafty apartment in Brooklyn, it’s a serious problem. I have a space heater but I am worried I’ll find some roommates frozen to death in the morning. Here’s hoping that does NOT . . . → Read More: Warm you up

Hand Paintings

Remember those random chainletter emails, forward this inspiring story of a blind race car driver or the heartwarming story of real true love or (my personal favorite) the one with the emoticons that as you scroll down give you the finger. But basically the premise was to send this anger-inducing, time-waster on to as many . . . → Read More: Hand Paintings