Regrets of 09

We can’t believe T-Pain had a Christmas Party and didn’t invite us!

Other things we regret not doing more of in 09: Booze Cruises,

Karaoke, Family time, Collage, Museum Going, Picnics,

Polaroid Photoshoots. Let’s make 2010, the start of not just a new year, but a new decade, a reason to outsmart the odds, crown the . . . → Read More: Regrets of 09


. . . → Read More: Throwback

What Do I Get?

I woke up with this song lodged deep in my head. Ah well, there are worse songs to wake up to, but this seems bratty given the holiday season.Gotta love . . . → Read More: What Do I Get?

Snowed in

The snow makes the holiday seem more real, and pressing. If I could choose one day to be Christmas, it would probably be yesterday. Snow outside and cozy inside with chili and punch. The party ends but hot toddies continue and we eat magic brownies and have a rooftop snowball fight while listening . . . → Read More: Snowed in


Kind of love Rihanna’s post Brown toughness. But confused by her aggressively oversexed vibe. . . . → Read More: Hard

Bizz Buzz

There are movies you see for the plot, and movies you see for the cast. For me, “Did you hear about the Morgans?” new rom-com starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant was the latter. Who cares about the silly premise (a high-powered Manhattan couple rediscover their romance after they relocate to the Wild West) when . . . → Read More: Bizz Buzz

Fame Monster

Went too far?

Photo: . . . → Read More: Fame Monster

Open Invitation

Bored of debauched holiday parties yet? Try sipping slowly and taking in some up and coming talent for the MFA Fine Arts Department Open Studios at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). It’s a great chance to meet any of the 64 artists in the department and chat about recent work in their studios. . . . → Read More: Open Invitation

Wish List

All I want for Christmas (or whatever non-denominational, exploitative, gift-giving holiday people celebrate) are these things:

These are ridiculously beautiful, and the design makes it sound better… brilliant. Little Horn Speakers are a must have for the disgustingly rich (don’t even ask how much they cost, and if you look it up and have a heart . . . → Read More: Wish List

Goodnight, Mr. Hand

. . . → Read More: Goodnight, Mr. Hand