Tory Burch

Polished proffesional’s , I’ve found the perfect toned down and stylish briefcase for you to show off around the office! Audrey Hepburn and Upper East Side wannabes, I’ve got the perfect classic-with-a-modern-touch satchel for you to show off at the front steps of the Met during your next Pink Berry date with your girlfriends! From the . . . → Read More: Tory Burch


Who’s ready for the madness of Mercedes Benz, New York Fashion Week Fall 2012??! It starts tomorrow the 9th and ending the 16th with shows featured on site at its main location, Lincoln Center and patron nyc designers such as Donna Karan and Derek Lam featuring their shows downtown. Basically the entire island of Manhattan will . . . → Read More: NYFW

Naeem Khan Pre-Fall 2012

Naeem Khans Pre-Fall 2012 is yet another gorgeous collection, much like his other previous designs there will be red carpet friendly gowns fit for a goddess with the exception of a few cocktail dresses that have a more played down tone to them which is more welcome this season because we all know, too much extravagance . . . → Read More: Naeem Khan Pre-Fall 2012

Post Labor Day Fashion

Ever wonder why people say “don’t wear white after Labor Day!” ? Do people even follow that rule these days, and whats the story behind it? The exact truth is unclear, however, from countless hours of research, I can put it into laymans terms.

The truth is, this rule has not been strictly followed by the general . . . → Read More: Post Labor Day Fashion

Harry Potter in Times Square

Calling all Potter fans!! I’ve had the pleasure of FINALLY attending the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Discovery Museum in Times Square…. just last night = )  and may I just say it was surreal! Over 200 costumes, and props and re-created sets like Hagrids hut, and the Great Hall were just highlights of this magic . . . → Read More: Harry Potter in Times Square

A Seat at the Table: Dinner with True Friends

Cassie Karopkin & Daphne Cheng

This past Sunday evening I had the pleasure of partaking in a memorable meal among old and new friends alike. At a candlelit table situated in a shaded residential garden terrace in the heart of the East Village, I dined on delectable vegan vittles, savoring the flavors, the company and the conversation. Not to mention the . . . → Read More: A Seat at the Table: Dinner with True Friends

New York – I want to gay-marry you!

New York, it’s about TIME!

There has been a lot of cause to celebrate lately. Let’s listen to something a little dated, but . . . → Read More: New York – I want to gay-marry you!

To Thine Own Self Be True

Polonius, that old busybody fool from Hamlet, may have been wrong on many counts. But he had one thing right. That sense of knowing who you are and remaining faithful to that.

So many people in our generation suffer from a crisis of self. They don’t know what they want from this life or . . . → Read More: To Thine Own Self Be True

James Coviello

Dearest Pompers,

I hope this week made most of you and your wardrobe realize that its time to pack those denim jeans, UGGS (for you girls who still wear them with mini skirts), and even your fabulous Burberry trenches out of sight and out of mind for the next couple of months. I am still having a . . . → Read More: James Coviello

NYC to LA back to NYC

I’m just getting back from LA, and I wanted to post a few of the highlights. Beginning with these pants.

This photo was taken after my friends and I did brunch at Home on Saturday, then decided to make an afternoon of vintage shopping in Los Feliz. Let me begin by saying that these pants are not . . . → Read More: NYC to LA back to NYC