Here is the video for the new single “Ruthless” by IMA ROBOT that will be on their album to come later this year. Directed by Noaz Deshe. He drew this video and directed it. I think it’s safe to say that IMA ROBOT has gotten its shit together in terms of lyrical content. their first album . . . → Read More: IMA RoBoT

A boundless oil spill…

Gulf of Mexico

Neither the top hat, top kill, robots with diamond saws or giant underwater domes have succeeded in curbing the thousands of gallons of crude oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico each day after the April 20th explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform.

From the beaches, where crews are finding tar balls and . . . → Read More: A boundless oil spill…

Radio Lab

If you’ve ever listened to the Radio Lab podcast, then you already know that its awe-inspiring ability cannot be overstated. I think it’s safe to say that most of us spend a huge portion of our time gazing at the computer screen – listening to the radio, especially if you are doing nothing else but listening, . . . → Read More: Radio Lab

Don’t Kiss Me Goodbye

A roadtrip to western Pennsylvania with my sister led to my new obsession with this song.  We spent one night in a cabin in the woods, with a lake in the backyard and bears in the trees.  The whole time my sisters friends are playing music, we’re sipping SoCo, and I’m missing my friends and our . . . → Read More: Don’t Kiss Me Goodbye

Is The Ark Of The Covenant In Shikoku?

Asks this great Pink Tentacle post, from a series on Japanese urban legends. Even with the urban-legend disclaimer, the wording of the post repeatedly assumes that there really is or was an Ark of the Covenant.

The Japanese talkshow clip in the post is pure entertainment. But the comments reveal how seriously and variously we take questions . . . → Read More: Is The Ark Of The Covenant In Shikoku?

Shoeing The Bones

Just got off a wild binge, swam in amber fluids for an entire month nonstop. Saw epic things and thought epic thoughts, one of them being the statistical likelihood of unintended plagiarism. A finite amount of words in a language, a finite number of ways to configure thoughts, a historical body of literature=thoughts being rethought and . . . → Read More: Shoeing The Bones

The Science of Satellites

As a motion graphics artist / animator (I never quite know what to call myself) I’ve got an owl eye (way bigger than an eagle eye) trained on the graphics world in search of inspiring work. I get especially excited about infographics – animations that, at their best, impart a lot of complicated information . . . → Read More: The Science of Satellites