Pomp Off!

I’ve watched/listened to this video over and over again for weeks. This is a song that I’ve heard playing in a bar once or twice and been like, “What is this?! i love it!!” In New York it’s often easy to set ourselves up to feel nothing but this jam makes me feel. There was . . . → Read More: Pomp Off!

Pomp Off

This week has been incredibly overwhelming. The last boy I slept with deleted me from facebook. I blacked out at a work party, did my first reading and found out my grandma might have alzheimers. So really I just need some “Luxury” courtesy of Tiga . . . → Read More: Pomp Off

Pomp Off

MySpaceThey are playing tonight at Market Hotel – perhaps I will go if I somehow feel less exhausted later. This weekend will not be long enough – I can already feel . . . → Read More: Pomp Off

Pomp Off

Calvin Harris I´m not Alone from Christian Holm-Glad on Vimeo.

Calvin Harris blew Pomp’s minds last night at Music Hall. Are you ready for . . . → Read More: Pomp Off

Pomp Off Labor Day Edition

“Empire State of Mind”

For those of you stuck in the city this weekend by choice or not – be happy about it. New York owns!!

“In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of/ there’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new/ the lights . . . → Read More: Pomp Off Labor Day Edition

Pomp Off

“Everybody makes mistakes but I feel alright when I come undone.”

In case you care here is the official video that has . . . → Read More: Pomp Off

Pomp Off

We here at Pomp realized in order to Pomp Off into your weekends we need to provide you with a soundtrack:

We’d love to hear what Pomps you . . . → Read More: Pomp Off