Friday Music – Lykke Li – Get Some

It’s a beautiful Friday in Brooklyn!  The kind of day you want to run around in a meadow, or park, or tiny patch of grass, whatever you have, you want to run in it.  For the sheer joy of it being Friday, the week being over, and everything bad being behind you or in the future, but . . . → Read More: Friday Music – Lykke Li – Get Some

Lady Gaga’s coming to town

For “little monsters” everywhere, I can only imagine how much you were squealing with delight when Lady Gaga cut the Barneys ribbon with the most flamboyant designed pair of larger than life scissors. She channeled her inner Willy Wonka, Santa Claus and threw in a bit of Tim Burton style into the idea with this holiday workshop . . . → Read More: Lady Gaga’s coming to town

Friday Music – Metric – Blindness

Kind of the perfect song to go with rainy day dreariness, post-event bleariness, and work-week-ending weariness.

And sometimes having a good soundtrack makes everything much . . . → Read More: Friday Music – Metric – Blindness

Dying Publishing Industry Gets Schooled by Grassroots Hip Hop

Today’s publishing industry can learn a lot from a 23-year-old rap artist with a mic and a laptop in his bedroom.
This is my boy Lil Si. He lives in Croydon, just south of London. If you’ve heard of the music genre Dubstep, Croydon is the neighborhood where it was born. And Lil Si, a local grassroots . . . → Read More: Dying Publishing Industry Gets Schooled by Grassroots Hip Hop

Navajo Know

Royal Wedding Madness, and I want no part of it. There is no easier way to lose my attention than to completely oversaturate me with the same 2 bits of information thankyouverymuch.

(However, Jezebel does an incredible story on the ghosties and ghoulies of The Royal Family, read here.)

Surly wedding mood aside, I walked . . . → Read More: Navajo Know

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt . These guys are truly off their rocker. Check out this tour video they made for last summer and see what I mean and read our review of their album in print, the way your mom used to hear about new music while she contemplated aborting you. As our contributor . . . → Read More: Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

Cults – Join us…

It’s raining, I’m moving.  The world seems simultaneously treacherous and warm, like it’s holding me in big open arms, with a knife in hand.

In other words, join me in loving this elusive band… Cults.

If you like it, you can download their EP on . . . → Read More: Cults – Join us…

White Hills Album Review and Exclusive Interview

Just when you thought you were getting jaded by the billionth wave of psych rock, White Hills will enlighten the disenchanted. Their new self-titled record is a tight outfit of hallucinatory space-rock numbers strung together by Dave W.’s driving force of guitars and Ego Sensations thundering bass. Oneida’s drummer Kid Millions steps in to provide pounding . . . → Read More: White Hills Album Review and Exclusive Interview

Mario Paint Compositions for Time Wasting and Delight

If I had to pick one video game console to bring with me to a deserted island (thank god this desert island is equipped with electricity and a small tv!) it would undoubtedly be Super Nintendo. It’s really no contest with games that stand the test of time like Donkey Kong, Yoshi’s Island, Tetris Attack, Street . . . → Read More: Mario Paint Compositions for Time Wasting and Delight