Bibhu Mohapatra Resort 2012

Happy Summer 2011 everyone!

For the NYC fashionista and loyal follower to Bibhu Mohapatra, here is his fabulous 2012 Resort womenswear.  The collection has plenty of separates consisting of dresses, menswear inspired blazers and trousers, also complete with accessories of fedoras and gloves. For the old fashioned lady who’s thinking of an extended European holiday to Monte . . . → Read More: Bibhu Mohapatra Resort 2012

Bibhu Mohapatra

The ladies of NY can never fall too short of an array of cocktail dresses to choose from. Thankfully, we fashionistas have been blessed with another FIT graduate (year 2009) whose designs have taken force in the fashion world with Bergdorfs about to pick up his Spring 2011 collection, I’d say he accomplished quite a bit . . . → Read More: Bibhu Mohapatra