The New Face Of Gentrification (raccoons in Brooklyn)

The new face of gentrification is here and it isn’t the Bushwick artists loft, now infamously referred to as the coolest place ever by the venerable New York Times.

No, this face is a teeny bit furrier, and more (or less) terrifying depending on your personal proclivities.  I say this is slightly less terrifying, but then again . . . → Read More: The New Face Of Gentrification (raccoons in Brooklyn)

Circles and Squares

Dating is hard. Dating when you’re in your twenties is even harder. When I think about my own wayward experiences – and those of my friends – it seems like no matter who you’re into (guys, girls or both), no one seems to be in the same book let alone on the same page. How did . . . → Read More: Circles and Squares

The (Perceived) Dangers of Technology

I place part of the title under erasure, in parenthesis, side thesis, side idea, because it’s idiotic to either view all technology as dangerous or to turn a blind eye (such a wonderfully odd phrase) to the dangerous potential within technology.

Old hat: Einstein described a cathedral of light and time, a new era of union with . . . → Read More: The (Perceived) Dangers of Technology

Jumping on the Racial Profiling Bandwagon

Arizona Immigration Law

Could other states be considering Arizona’s draconian immigration laws?

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the controversial bill into law in April and it goes into effect this Thursday, July 29. Even though federal authorities are challenging its legality in the U.S. District Court in Phonenix, it’s unlikely the entire law will be struck down.

Immigrant . . . → Read More: Jumping on the Racial Profiling Bandwagon

Foreign Lands: Florence

Welcome to our new series, Foreign Lands. We vow to bring you sumptuous images from exotic cityscapes, serene vistas, and curious topographies we’ve visited over the years. Please make sure your passport is in order, and that your luggage tags are correctly labeled, sit back, and enjoy the scenery.

Mopeds and Sunset

Bridges of . . . → Read More: Foreign Lands: Florence

“Spying” Is For Win! :)

The CIA has a page for kids (thanks to Chris T. for pointing this out) that hilariously misuses (or, should i say, “misuses”) quotation marks:

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here to learn more about the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is an independent US government agency that provides national security “intelligence” to key US leaders so they . . . → Read More: “Spying” Is For Win! :)

Greetings Pomp Readers

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ben Oko (full disclosure that’s not my real name I’m actually a girl) and I’ll be blogging for Pomp. I’m 25, I live in New York City and I just finished school. I’m also jobless, living in one of the most expensive cities in the world and am currently going through a . . . → Read More: Greetings Pomp Readers

Fol Chen: “The Holograms”

That girl hit the hookah hard! The eastern influences in this jasmine dipped indie rock duo will have you salivating, you will get an obscure urge to comb your mustache and kick a Moroccan monkey in the jewels. Idk. Lol. Omg. Brb. A distinctive clickity clack. A splurging Persian. This new vid has the dry angle. . . . → Read More: Fol Chen: “The Holograms”

Wild China

It’s been a pretty non-productive week for me thus far. I haven’t been able to cross one thing off of my to-do list – even “13. Roast Beets” is apparently too much work for me. I’m blaming the heat – it’s too hot to think about anything but yearn for swimming and air conditioning. My air . . . → Read More: Wild China

Suspicious Anatomy – Book Launch!

Pomp editor, blogger, and confidant, Wythe Marschall has done it again.  And by “it” I mean write something that simultaneously makes me burst out laughing while putting a new wrinkle in my brain.  This time, with Hollow Earth Society collaborator, Ethan Gould, the duo have come up with a meta-fake-science book.  One that discusses the intangible, . . . → Read More: Suspicious Anatomy – Book Launch!