Navajo Know

Royal Wedding Madness, and I want no part of it. There is no easier way to lose my attention than to completely oversaturate me with the same 2 bits of information thankyouverymuch.

(However, Jezebel does an incredible story on the ghosties and ghoulies of The Royal Family, read here.)

Surly wedding mood aside, I walked . . . → Read More: Navajo Know

Assad Mounser

Hello jewelry lovers! This week Ive found a fabulous designer who specializes in statement necklaces. For the ladies who love to dress simple and elegant, then spruce up their outfit with an accessory thats the opposite to balance it off… these pieces are for you! Amanda Assad Mounser has been in the New York industry for . . . → Read More: Assad Mounser

Dungeons & Dragons

In college there was a group of people slightly more different than the rest. They wore capes, had chopped off all their hair, save for the exception of a few strategic braids. At night we could hear them shouting battle cries off the end of the world (the slight incline where our campus seemed to end, . . . → Read More: Dungeons & Dragons

Friday I’m in Love

Robert Smith used to be sooo freaking cute.

It doesn’t matter how many Fridays come and go, or how my love for the 80s new-wavers seems to wax and wane like the moon.  All that matters is that it’s Friday and I’m in love… with that Friday feeling.

You can go here for the original video, and see . . . → Read More: Friday I’m in Love

The Lost Weekend

Art Brut came out with their new video, which premiered on Pitchfork yesterday.

Which really just reminded me of a friends epic 30th birthday weekend about a year ago. Replete with drinking out of nip-sized alcohol bottles at the Ziegfield Theatre while watching Iron Man 2, and an epic coming of age through trial by water (instead . . . → Read More: The Lost Weekend

Alexandra Grecco

For all the dames that love to be dolled up with an old fashion take on your “night on the town” outfits with your daddy’s (that being a young woman’s boyfriend/lover especially if he’s rich)- Ive got the PERFECT BK based designer for you! Who knew Brooklyn would be the one borough besides Manhattan, that  housed . . . → Read More: Alexandra Grecco

Mr. President: You Can’t Say That On Television

On Thursday during a fundraiser in Chicago, President Obama was overheard speaking candidly to donors about the GOP’s battle over the budget and the recent almost shutdown of the U.S. Government. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know the tapes were still rolling.

While it’s likely Obama never intended for his words to be posted across the Internet . . . → Read More: Mr. President: You Can’t Say That On Television

Predict Your Own Future

Nostradamus? The Web-Bot? Political pundits? When it comes to predicting the future, nothing is more powerful than our own imaginations.

I’ve been thinking about a conversation I had last week with a close friend about predicting the future. There’s been a lot of excitement in the media around this topic of late. Everyone from CNN to The . . . → Read More: Predict Your Own Future

Mina Stone

Mina Stone is yet, another fabulous Brooklyn based fashion designer who is underrated and with her designs speaking for her will soon enough be styling the women of New York with beautiful dresses and jumpsuits. Her 2011 Spring/Summer collection shows subtle hints of her Greek heritage with deep blue sea shades of blue and dresses with . . . → Read More: Mina Stone

TV On The Radio – New Single Out

Yay!  It’s taken them a while but they’re back.  TV On The Radio finally has a new album out (9 Types of Light) and I want to go to a concert again like I haven’t in a long, long while.

Details on live shows, new singles, a bonus track and . . . → Read More: TV On The Radio – New Single Out