Nell Alk: Full Time Fabulous? Absolutely.

We over here at Pomp & Circumstance couldn’t be more pleased with welcoming woman-about-town Nell Alk to our boutique team. A mutual friend over at Magnum PR/Musebox made the introduction and Ms. Nell has been blogging for us ever since. Her work is witty, timely and honest. Fresh in the best sense of the word. She . . . → Read More: Nell Alk: Full Time Fabulous? Absolutely.

Giving Myself Goosebumps

Like most kids my age in the early 1990s, I grew up reading the Goosebumps series books, and moved on to The Fear Street books as I got older. R.L. Stine was one of my favorite authors, and I consumed every one of his books I could get my hands on, including his joke books written . . . → Read More: Giving Myself Goosebumps

Parasites: A Users Guide

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, October 26, is the perfect night to visit my events space, Observatory. Located in Gowanus, Brooklyn, Observatory hosts many different lectures, screenings and workshops which find their inspiration in the space where art and science meet. Tomorrow night, one of our members and writer for the upcoming 7th issue of Pomp, Joanna Ebenstein . . . → Read More: Parasites: A Users Guide

CMJ Days 3-5

By day 3 things were beginning to look a bit hypnotic, overexertion and sleep deprivation coupled with copious amounts of…um…err…
Thursday, Oct 21st.
Social Studies opened 104 Ave C’s show, a Frisco quartet fond of mocking ballads tinged twee, railroad electronics and Transylvanian organs. Blonde Redhead without an edge, but very talented nonetheless. I was psyched to see . . . → Read More: CMJ Days 3-5

Welcome Back to the Big Top: Boerum Hill’s Best Boutique The Brooklyn Circus Re-Opens

Delicious-looking men's shirts.

“Oh the places you’ll go.” Or at least so says Dr. Seuss. Two years ago today, October 21st, 2008, an interview I conducted with a dapper character by the name of Quincy Ouigi Theodore went live on Toronto-based blog Since that time, both he and I have encountered changes, personal and professional, . . . → Read More: Welcome Back to the Big Top: Boerum Hill’s Best Boutique The Brooklyn Circus Re-Opens

CMJ- 2 days so far. So Far

It’s day 3 of CMJ, I’m past the point of running on fumes, trying to catch the maximum amount of bands in five days and the least amount of sleep since the beginning of summer. 543 bands in five days=wtf?
Day 1- Oct 19th.
Dear diary, I just got back from my first day of CMJ’s music marathon . . . → Read More: CMJ- 2 days so far. So Far

Song a Day Mann

Back at my art school in Vermont, there was a boy in our house who wrote songs about everyone and everything.  He even made it into a project where our friends, our house paintings, video games and culture was chronicled in short pop-gems.  Instead of letting the real world stifle any of his creativity, he continued . . . → Read More: Song a Day Mann

A Dynamite Affair with Delicious L’Artusi

Photos by L'Artusi co-owner Jamie Tiampo

This past weekend proved especially rewarding, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, my bestie since the 4th grade, from way back in good ol’ Green Bay, Wisconsin, flew in from her current residence of St. Paul to spend some time with yours truly. Her mini-vaca away from Minn, . . . → Read More: A Dynamite Affair with Delicious L’Artusi

How Many Selves Are You—Or How Few: The Questions Of V. S. Ramachandran

Listen to the final 2003 Reith lecture on the Emerging Mind. I won’t even get into all the amazing work neurologist and cognitive scientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran has done on how our brains work, function by function, synesthetic impulse by synesthetic impulse.

I will instead jump to Ramachandran’s multiple definition of the self. (This multiple . . . → Read More: How Many Selves Are You—Or How Few: The Questions Of V. S. Ramachandran


So I’ve been getting a full night’s rest all week in preparation for Emma-Effin CMJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Where does it start for me? At the Bell House with Fenech Soler, Arpline, and Sherlock’s Daughter. There’s no time for music like October in NY. A million guitars strumming, drums drumming, demure black clad self-loathing hipsters swimming in a pool . . . → Read More: CMJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!