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The Teaches of Peaches @ Music Hall

Photo by Nicole Wasilewicz

When I first saw Peaches I was a teenager in frilly panties drinking half of bottle of raspberry vodka before stumbling into the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. My third time seeing Peaches and I’m stone cold sober fully dressed at the Music Hall of Williamsburg about to turn 26. And one thing . . . → Read More: The Teaches of Peaches @ Music Hall

Death of Autotune (Good Riddance)

Autotune has been ruling airwaves too long. The canned mechanical loops and droning has gone from innovative to unoriginal across the board. Originality in rap music is being crushed by conformity in an industry that already has a penchant for beat biting and lazy rhyming. Though with a smash single, Kanye produced . . . → Read More: Death of Autotune (Good Riddance)

Bloody Brooklyn

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“Fearless on my breath” i always thought it was “feel like someone . . . → Read More:

See you at the Crossroads

OMGZ! No way did MJ and Farrah die on the same hot summer day. I was going to eat ice cream on a park bench and people watch until class time, but now… now I have to self-medicate.

Farrah Fawcett, perma-golden child, who I always thought looked strained and sad in her ubiquitous pin-up poster.

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MET Remixed

After meeting a girl on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum, we made our way to Central Park’s Great Lawn, endangered by flying baseballs, runaway babies and business men openly stripping down to boxers. Over Merlot concealed in a cranberry juice bottle, I learned the MET is built on top of an old aqueduct, which . . . → Read More: MET Remixed


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Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

Times are a’changin’. We all know this, and sit and wait for the changes to not completely overthrow everything we have worked for. And sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

Vague, I know.

Youtube, I hardly knew ye. One minute I am watching a dog on a skateboard, or a kid after his dentists . . . → Read More: Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes


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