Overheard In NY

“I could never get into knitting man. That’s when you know you’re alone, alone.”

-Man on Subway wearing baggy pants

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Showroom Dummies

As long as I can remember, I’ve watched Saturday Night Live. Not ‘cause it’s consistently funny or even worthwhile. I’m just a loyal consumer.

Then sometimes a TV show can take a fatal, ridiculous turn, and it becomes forever dead to me. I’m looking at you, Grey’s Anatomy, or “Postal Service Hospital: the O.C./ER,” I call . . . → Read More: Showroom Dummies


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My Unlikely Icon

When I visited Vegas for a wedding two weeks ago, I got a chance to meet my own, personal icon: the Coca Cola polar bear.

I was walking along the strip, looking for an attraction other than Casino bells and whistles, when I saw a giant, green glass bottle announcing the entrance to Coke World. . . . → Read More: My Unlikely Icon

Overheard In NY

“Pigs don’t fly, but Swine Flew.”-Old Man sitting around patio table by pool, Long Island.

Are you a natural snooper who overheard something unnatural?Send your captured conversation snippets and we’ll print . . . → Read More: Overheard In NY

California should be banned

So what’s the deal Californians? What’s the deal with this proposition 8 nonsense. I would understand if there were studies that showed a decline in the sanctity of marriage connected to homosexuals getting married, I would understand if you saw a link between the high divorce rate and gays getting married, or a link . . . → Read More: California should be banned


Friday is Sonic Truth, the new album listening party. The free Two Boots pulls me in and the rest is waiting in line for 20 minutes, rushing in and grabbing bottles of beer and pizza: looking at Thurston Moore artwork and listening to the 90s creep back into my subconscious: a dim, cool room in . . . → Read More: Promise?

Bring It Back!

My mom bribed me into getting Bar Mitzvahed by buying me traif (non-Kosher) Burritos after Hebrew School. I loved The Big Enchilada, but I was into fame, sex and drama not davening. Growing up in the ghetto Lower East Side of the ’90s, I thought Torah was trife. Urban Dictionary defines trife as

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Overheard in Pomp-ville

Tourist 1: *sniffs* Smells like farts.Tourist 2: What?Tourist 1: Smells like home.Tourist 2: *sniffs* Yeah.

-Central Park

NYU Kid 1: You Gotta Fight!NYU Kid 2: For Your Right!NYU Kid 3: To-Guy with Dreads: SHUT THE FUCK UP!NYU Kid 3: *quietly* okay… . . . → Read More: Overheard in Pomp-ville