Lady Gaga’s coming to town

For “little monsters” everywhere, I can only imagine how much you were squealing with delight when Lady Gaga cut the Barneys ribbon with the most flamboyant designed pair of larger than life scissors. She channeled her inner Willy Wonka, Santa Claus and threw in a bit of Tim Burton style into the idea with this holiday workshop . . . → Read More: Lady Gaga’s coming to town

“Spying” Is For Win! :)

The CIA has a page for kids (thanks to Chris T. for pointing this out) that hilariously misuses (or, should i say, “misuses”) quotation marks:

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here to learn more about the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is an independent US government agency that provides national security “intelligence” to key US leaders so they . . . → Read More: “Spying” Is For Win! :)

Top 9 of ’09

Did you know that in Dhaka (Bangladesh) the New Year came twice. Once the clock struck midnight we had to roll them back for an hour and wait for the new year again. It was kind of wonderful, as impatient as I was for the new beginnings of 2010. I had a lot . . . → Read More: Top 9 of ’09

Fame Monster

Went too far?

Photo: . . . → Read More: Fame Monster

Wish List

All I want for Christmas (or whatever non-denominational, exploitative, gift-giving holiday people celebrate) are these things:

These are ridiculously beautiful, and the design makes it sound better… brilliant. Little Horn Speakers are a must have for the disgustingly rich (don’t even ask how much they cost, and if you look it up and have a heart . . . → Read More: Wish List


New York Magazine‘s Approval Matrix is usually way dated, and I can rarely afford anything they feature in their pages. This is possibly a pathological reason to poke fun at their Approval Matrix. But this video from their blog has me bluffing, I got nothing . . . → Read More: Oh!

Can’t Read My

. . . → Read More: Can’t Read My

The Teaches of Peaches @ Music Hall

Photo by Nicole Wasilewicz

When I first saw Peaches I was a teenager in frilly panties drinking half of bottle of raspberry vodka before stumbling into the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. My third time seeing Peaches and I’m stone cold sober fully dressed at the Music Hall of Williamsburg about to turn 26. And one thing . . . → Read More: The Teaches of Peaches @ Music Hall