Poster Boy – party for the people

I don’t know how much Pomp trivia you are familiar with dear readers, but Pomp and Poster Boy just go together – like coffee and donuts or Palin-detractors and smart people.  Our 5th issue features his face, cut-and-paste style on the cover, and a fun article where one of our writers followed him around on a . . . → Read More: Poster Boy – party for the people

You’re invited!

I know we’ve been vaguely hinting at some mysterious party we’ll be having soon. What with talk of giftbags, djs and all things dance-y and springtime-y. We’re finally ready to unveil the plans to you dear readers, you are our world.

So you may have heard of Poster Boy, we have too. We have . . . → Read More: You’re invited!

Pomp Culture – Video edition

Ever get the feeling that time is moving by fast, too fast in fact, much too fast to keep track of all the cool new videos, and hip new grooves? The feeling that if you faltered midstep for even a split-second, you’ll get hit by a bus that’s cooler, smarter, funner and … well faster . . . → Read More: Pomp Culture – Video edition