My 1-Week Relationship

L and I started message bonding over farming. One thing that sets me a bit apart from your typical Barnard broad is my love of the great outdoors. True, I grew up in the Bronx — not quite your rolling hills of Switzerland — but still, I took classes at the Bronx Botanical Gardens as a . . . → Read More: My 1-Week Relationship

Bring It Back!

As the only white kid in torn blue Converse interning at St. Vincent’s Hospital the summer after I lost my virginity at 14, I was thrilled by hot hood stories.  My Co-interns stage whispered sexy stories to me at lunch time.  Having just discovered the delights my dick could bring me, I loved listening to lewd . . . → Read More: Bring It Back!

Barbie Bombs Over Shanghai

With the announcement of a new Barbie Superstore opening in Shanghai later this year, Mattel claims its export of gold-headed dolls will be loved as quintessentially “American” by the natives.

A little Chinese-American girl growing up in the ‘70s Bronx, I longed for a Barbie that looked like me. I tried the toy shelves at Alexander’s . . . → Read More: Barbie Bombs Over Shanghai

Packing Heat In The Hood

It’s cold and dark outside, but as the weekend comes to a close the promise of fresh salsa lures me out of my warm, Park Slope apartment. After enduring a long, circuitous subway ride around Sunday night track work, I finally meet the Pomp team for a much anticipated taste test at the Bushwick birthplace . . . → Read More: Packing Heat In The Hood