A Merry Drunk History Christmas

Yesss! Drunk History finally came up with a new installment, what past President/Scientist/Lunatic am I going to learn about while laughing hysterically?

Well, this time, perhaps none, unless Santa counts as a historical figure. Derek Waters is back with an all-star Drunk History featuring Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes and Jim Carrey (who makes an amazing, . . . → Read More: A Merry Drunk History Christmas

Ghosts of Savannah

After our sophomore year at art school, M and I took a 2 week road trip to Florida. In the midst of a cranky day we found ourselves lost in the streets of Savannah, and were completely enchanted. We promised to one day go back.

Six years later, my first year of grad school over, . . . → Read More: Ghosts of Savannah

Pomp Culture – Video edition

Ever get the feeling that time is moving by fast, too fast in fact, much too fast to keep track of all the cool new videos, and hip new grooves? The feeling that if you faltered midstep for even a split-second, you’ll get hit by a bus that’s cooler, smarter, funner and … well faster . . . → Read More: Pomp Culture – Video edition