Law May Not Be On Your Side, But Art Can be Madness

The Associated Press recently ran an article about a cafe in Bay Ridge under surveillance because it was Muslim-owned. The owner felt targetted and his business started doing badly as he lost customers who felt they were being unfairly marked. Boo-urns.

On a completely unrelated note, in soviet Russia, movie director becomes new dictator. . . . → Read More: Law May Not Be On Your Side, But Art Can be Madness

What’s your Obama-won-face?

Due to technical difficulties of feeling cut off from the world because of no election news coverage, the Pomp election watch was shortly canceled and we made our way down to another LES hang out, preferably one with drink specials and television screens; all the while staying close to the Williamsburg bridge so that the trip . . . → Read More: What’s your Obama-won-face?

You Have To Peep This

With election day looming, I’m beginning to wonder if I should cop a gun for the crib. Not to be a crunchy hippie and all, but at a time like this, we seriously need something, ANYTHING, to break this tension and crack a smile.

I grabbed this video from (cuz its sweet) and it seems safe . . . → Read More: You Have To Peep This