Baby, it’s cold outside!

Happy New Year Pompers! It’s 2012, and we have another year of looking fabulous… so to all of those so-called modern prophets who keep pushing the “doomsday” date back, you can suck it.

So many people, went to so many places for NYE, I’m wondering how you spent yours and with the outfit of your choice? Thankfully, mother nature was kind to us and let us enjoy December 31st with unusual warmer weather and for once, I envied the people in Times Square. That was the perfect night to stand for hours to watch the ball drop. 2012 however, brought in the 17 degree weather like today. Nice. Now would be the time for everyone to pack away they’re bermuda shorts and mini ruffled skirts and linen flyaway dresses.

Hmmm, best thing to update your winter wardrobe today? With winter accessories! Ear muffs, fur hats(faux of course!), mittens, scarves and chunky knits, heck- ANYTHING CHUNKY KNITTED! Now is the time to play around with hats of all sorts and scarves of every length, design and color. Why? Because all people will see is a big coat with you in it. So by all means, play it up and make it stand out and stylish while your at it. = )


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