I am…

Growing up, I never would have believed that I would be a suit and tie. I walked around my high school out of my mind with A Perfect Circle going through my ears (via headphones). I did not know what I would be when I grew up, but I never thought I would become “The Man” . . . → Read More: I am…

Happy MLK Day! Quote it out!

Jealous of all the great MLK quotes blowing up your Facebook/Twitter feeds? No need to be! We have a nice compilation of MLK quotes right here for you to post and be all thoughtful about.

But in all reality, a lot of these quotes are so incredibly applicable outside of that specific context in which . . . → Read More: Happy MLK Day! Quote it out!

Top 11 of 2011

Just a couple of days ago, I was at a lavish, extravagant engagement party which rivaled most weddings I had been to. Besides making jokes about being surrounded by the 1%, I realized at one point that the world is filled with people like this. People who care only about superficial things, and all . . . → Read More: Top 11 of 2011

Occupy Wall Street – Rest in Pieces?

Amidst reports of a lot of helicopter activity over NYC last night, the NYPD went in and rousted out the Occupiers last night. But why, seems to be the major question occupiers are asking. Why last night? Why this movement in NYC? And why are tarps and tents no longer allowed, while . . . → Read More: Occupy Wall Street – Rest in Pieces?

Law May Not Be On Your Side, But Art Can be Madness

The Associated Press recently ran an article about a cafe in Bay Ridge under surveillance because it was Muslim-owned. The owner felt targetted and his business started doing badly as he lost customers who felt they were being unfairly marked. Boo-urns.

On a completely unrelated note, in soviet Russia, movie director becomes new dictator. . . . → Read More: Law May Not Be On Your Side, But Art Can be Madness

Occupy Wall Street

Holy Adbusters!

About 10 days ago, protestors were beginning to gather at Zuccotti Park by Wall Street for a new movement. It was called, Occupy Wall Street, and it’s whole M.O. was about a peaceful “fuck you” to all the various ways the super-rich have completely screwed over the “pretty normal”.

Don’t get it? . . . → Read More: Occupy Wall Street