Baby, it’s cold outside!

Happy New Year Pompers! It’s 2012, and we have another year of looking fabulous… so to all of those so-called modern prophets who keep pushing the “doomsday” date back, you can suck it.

So many people, went to so many places for NYE, I’m wondering how you spent yours and with the outfit of your choice? Thankfully, . . . → Read More: Baby, it’s cold outside!

Festive Fashion Change

Dearest readers,

It has come to my attention that during the holidays… women go crazy. Not over Secret Santa, or waiting on line too long to see the Rockettes in NYC, but “what to wear?!” during holiday events as well as everyday wear for the winter season. I see women that are dressed perfectly and appropriately that inspire . . . → Read More: Festive Fashion Change