Friday Music – Lykke Li – Get Some

It’s a beautiful Friday in Brooklyn!  The kind of day you want to run around in a meadow, or park, or tiny patch of grass, whatever you have, you want to run in it.  For the sheer joy of it being Friday, the week being over, and everything bad being behind you or in the future, but . . . → Read More: Friday Music – Lykke Li – Get Some

Navajo Know

Royal Wedding Madness, and I want no part of it. There is no easier way to lose my attention than to completely oversaturate me with the same 2 bits of information thankyouverymuch.

(However, Jezebel does an incredible story on the ghosties and ghoulies of The Royal Family, read here.)

Surly wedding mood aside, I walked . . . → Read More: Navajo Know

Rebecca Black – LOL’ing away

So first, I saw the original Rebecca Black video, and already couldn’t stop LOL’ing.

Then, I saw the video below, and had a LOL explosion! Enjoy. Tomorrow is Friday . . . → Read More: Rebecca Black – LOL’ing away

Pomp Off!

I’ve watched/listened to this video over and over again for weeks. This is a song that I’ve heard playing in a bar once or twice and been like, “What is this?! i love it!!” In New York it’s often easy to set ourselves up to feel nothing but this jam makes me feel. There was . . . → Read More: Pomp Off!

Pretty Song Fridays

I love Pandora. It makes me feel relevant again, as a modern-day music-lover who doesn’t understand how to keep adrift when there is a new band popping up every second; and even more confused by the fact that the new band will have ten atrocious songs and one beautiful little gem tucked in the album waiting . . . → Read More: Pretty Song Fridays